Oh baby, it’s hot outside! Summer Colorful OOTD

Welcome to the hottest summer in the last decade. Honestly, if I could, I wouldn’t even wear clothes on this weather. I’d just lay in a bathing suit all day long. But life ain’t that easy and I’m not a billionaire. So I still need to get dressed up every day to go to work, shopping

May & June Favorites – Beauty Products

Hello lovelies! I just posted a new YouTube video, where I talk about the beauty products I’ve been using a lot in May & June. You can find below the full list of products mentioned in the video. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Syoss Oleo Riche Nourishing Oil-Conditioner for dry hair Garnier Ultra Doux Argan Oil

Trend Alert: The Black Choker Necklace

It’s official: chokers are here to stay. When I first heard about this trend comeback, I wasn’t really impressed. I mean, I was born in the 90’s and I never wore one of those before. I know they were very popular back then, but I was like meh. Well, guess what? Now you can see

Everyday Glam Make-up Look Tutorial – Get Ready With Me

Ladieees, I’ve got great news! I decided to start creating YouTube videos from now on, and today I just uploaded my first make-up tutorial. I’ve also had some similar attempts in the past, but I didn’t own a good camera and the quality was kind of awful. But now I think I have a pretty

Real Techniques Brushes: Cheek and Lip Set (Limited Edition) Review

If you want to achieve beautiful flawless make-up looks, the tools you are using are extremely important. It’s not always about the products, or about your skin type, sometimes tools matter the most. So that’s why I’m really excited to give you a review for the latest brushes I purchased, from the famous brand Real

Edgy #OOTD: 5 Ways To Look More Confident

No one said it’s easy to be confident. But I think that you need to fake it till you make it. Because we all have our flaws, uncertainties and we don’t always feel as confident as we should. But we actually need to do it, to survive in this fast-paced crazy world. I mean, it’s almost impossible

Makeup Revolution Girls On Film Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches

Ladies, I think I found the perfect eyeshadow palette for summer! The Makeup Revolution Girls On Film Salvation eyeshadow palette has 18 shades, 12 shimmers and 6 mattes. I absolutely love the colors, although I didn’t get the chance to use all of them yet. But it’s amazing to have so many options for creating a

Make-up Products I Love To Hate

We all have our own love-hate relationships. With food, men, clothes… and sometimes, with make-up products. It’s obvious that not every product you buy is amazing. Some of them might not be a good match for your skin, maybe you hate the color, the smell or the resistance. So today I decided to show you

London Vibes – Summer OOTD

Hello ladies, how are you doing? I had a pretty great morning, it was sunny and joyful and everything. And now it seems it’s gonna rain, so buh-bye other plans I had for today, ha ha. Anyways, today I wanted to show you some pictures I took last week, when I finally got to wear

The Must-Have Item of The Summer: Mirrored Sunglasses

I have to admit that I’m usually not the kind of girl you want to go shopping with. I’m very picky, I always try on a ton of different items before I decide. If I want to buy a pair of jeans, I have to check 10 different stores, you know, just to make sure I