New In My Make-up Bag: Sleek & NYX Cosmetics

Hello guys! I have a lot of new products to show you, so today we’re starting off with some cool make-up items I recently got from This time, I ordered an eyebrow gel and a concealer from NYX; a liquid lipstick and a blush from Sleek. Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase. I

My Summer Beauty Essentials – Skincare, Make-up, Hair

Hello guys! There’s a new video up on my YouTube channel. This time we’re building a summer beauty kit, with all the cool products that help us survive during the hot summer days. I included some skincare, hair care and make-up products, and these are my essentials for this season. I’ve been using them a lot lately

My Top 4 Favorite Drugstore Shower Gels for Summer

There’s nothing better than a refreshing shower in the middle of a hot summer day. Call me crazy, but I’m obsessed with shower gels and lotions lately. They need to smell nice, to be efficient and hydrate my skin, make it soft and smooth. That’s all I’m asking, really. And these 4 products listed below

On My Wishlist: Make-up Brands I’d Love To Try

I spend way too much time reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos. So it’s no surprise that I started adding a lot of products on my wishlist, used and hyped a lot by the most popular beauty gurus of the world. But of course, most of these make-up brands are really expensive or don’t ship out to Romania,

Back to Black: Maxi Dress & High-Heel Sandals

It’s a beautiful summer evening, and we’re heading to the Central Park. The streets are filled with people, ready to go and enjoy a drink or a walk with their friends. There’s something in the air, a certain feeling of joy and freedom. And everybody is wearing casual outfits, sneakers and jeans, with a laid-back

All Matte Summer Party Make-up Tutorial

Hello lovelies! As promised, here is a new make-up tutorial. This is perfect for the summer parties, but you can also wear it during the day, if you want. It’s not too dramatic, but it looks sexy and intense. I wanted to create this look using only matte products, so this would help keep the shine

Oh baby, it’s hot outside! Summer Colorful OOTD

Welcome to the hottest summer in the last decade. Honestly, if I could, I wouldn’t even wear clothes on this weather. I’d just lay in a bathing suit all day long. But life ain’t that easy and I’m not a billionaire. So I still need to get dressed up every day to go to work, shopping

May & June Favorites – Beauty Products

Hello lovelies! I just posted a new YouTube video, where I talk about the beauty products I’ve been using a lot in May & June. You can find below the full list of products mentioned in the video. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Syoss Oleo Riche Nourishing Oil-Conditioner for dry hair Garnier Ultra Doux Argan Oil

Trend Alert: The Black Choker Necklace

It’s official: chokers are here to stay. When I first heard about this trend comeback, I wasn’t really impressed. I mean, I was born in the 90’s and I never wore one of those before. I know they were very popular back then, but I was like meh. Well, guess what? Now you can see

Everyday Glam Make-up Look Tutorial – Get Ready With Me

Ladieees, I’ve got great news! I decided to start creating YouTube videos from now on, and today I just uploaded my first make-up tutorial. I’ve also had some similar attempts in the past, but I didn’t own a good camera and the quality was kind of awful. But now I think I have a pretty