10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m obsessed with Instagram. I spend a lot of time daily on Insta, I also try to post daily and I get basically all of my inspiration from this platform. I’m already following more than 600 accounts, so I thought I should share my favorites with you as

The Only 5 Make-up Items You Need To Own

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide what make-up products are worth buying or not. Brands launch new collections every other day, with new colors and textures to pick from. Just think about the brow products: you have to choose between brow pencils, pomades, powders, waxes, gels, and the list goes

Melkior Professional Make-up – First Impressions & Swatches

Hello guys! So I recently received these make-up products from Melkior Professional as an early birthday gift (for testing). This means I (finally!!) got the chance to see what the hype is all about. A lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers love Melkior products and use them a lot, so I was really curious to see how good

Colorful Festival Look: Smokey Eyes with a Twist

Hello guys! I’ve been promising you this video for a long time now, so I finally got the chance to upload it. It’s a very bright and colorful festival make-up look, mixing cat-eye wings with smokey eyes and matte pink lips. I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Let me know your opinion in the comment

Electric Castle Festival 2016: The Rainy Fairy Tale

So Electric Castle Festival 2016 just happened a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been waiting for this festival for a whole year, and now it’s already done. Every year it’s the same thing: you don’t even realize how fast the time goes when you’re having fun. I wasn’t able to attend the full 4 days this time,

New In My Make-up Bag: Sleek & NYX Cosmetics

Hello guys! I have a lot of new products to show you, so today we’re starting off with some cool make-up items I recently got from makeup-shop.ro. This time, I ordered an eyebrow gel and a concealer from NYX; a liquid lipstick and a blush from Sleek. Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase. I

My Summer Beauty Essentials – Skincare, Make-up, Hair

Hello guys! There’s a new video up on my YouTube channel. This time we’re building a summer beauty kit, with all the cool products that help us survive during the hot summer days. I included some skincare, hair care and make-up products, and these are my essentials for this season. I’ve been using them a lot lately

My Top 4 Favorite Drugstore Shower Gels for Summer

There’s nothing better than a refreshing shower in the middle of a hot summer day. Call me crazy, but I’m obsessed with shower gels and lotions lately. They need to smell nice, to be efficient and hydrate my skin, make it soft and smooth. That’s all I’m asking, really. And these 4 products listed below

On My Wishlist: Make-up Brands I’d Love To Try

I spend way too much time reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos. So it’s no surprise that I started adding a lot of products on my wishlist, used and hyped a lot by the most popular beauty gurus of the world. But of course, most of these make-up brands are really expensive or don’t ship out to Romania,

Back to Black: Maxi Dress & High-Heel Sandals

It’s a beautiful summer evening, and we’re heading to the Central Park. The streets are filled with people, ready to go and enjoy a drink or a walk with their friends. There’s something in the air, a certain feeling of joy and freedom. And everybody is wearing casual outfits, sneakers and jeans, with a laid-back