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4 Make-up Products that I Love to Hate | Benefit, Elf, Miss Sporty & Sephora

Hi lovelies! It’s been a while since my last “products I love to hate” post, but now I’m back with a new one 😀

These 4 products are not the worst on the market, but I was kinda dissapointed by them. So I would probably not recommend them or purchase them myself ever again.

Sadly, in this list there’s also a product that I’ve been dying to try for a long time, the Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner, which (ironically) was also the biggest dissapointment for me.

Keep reading to see exactly what I love & hate about each!

1. Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara

Love: It’s great to give volume and texture to the lashes, and it’s a really intense black. It lasts pretty well during the day, even though it’s not waterproof.

Hate: The mascara wand is terrible, it’s way too big for coating the roots and it’s super easy to get dirty while using it. Obviously, it’s impossible to use it on the lower lashes 😕 It also tends to flake during the day, which is a big no-no for me.

2. Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner

Love: The color is dark, intense and opaque. It’s super long-lasting, I find it really hard to remove, and I need several cotton pads to take it off.  And it has a very interesting packaging, you can only get a little product at a time, so it doesn’t dry out too quickly. It has an angled tip, to help you get the right wing in no time.

Hate: The texture is awful. It flakes a lot, even when applying it. It dries out super quickly, so you don’t have time to fix any mistakes. And it’s definitely not buildable; once you draw a line, that’s it, there’s no turning back. I guess you must be a make-up guru to get it right in the first try, and I’m not one of them 😂

Also, it feels super heavy on the lids. It’s the first eyeliner I ever tried that feels that way, and I must say it’s really annoying. I’m surprised, because I know this is a super hyped product, and everyone seems to love it.

Maybe I got a bad one, maybe I don’t know how to use it (could be), but I’m super dissapointed by this eyeliner. I normally looove Benefit products, but this one was a fail for me.

3. ELF Moisturizing Lipstick (Pink Mink)

Love: I received this lipstick at the #BBMCluj event last fall, but I didn’t get the chance to wear it too much back then. But lately I’ve been drawn to nude and pinkish shades, so I started using it, because it has a gorgeous color. It’s a bright pink-coral shade, super flattering & it’s perfect for spring and summer.

Hate: Sadly, this one also has a weird texture, that I’m not very fond of. It’s patchy, and it doesn’t apply evenly on the lips. Also, it doesn’t last at all, you need to re-apply it in 1-2 hours (or earlier, if you eat or drink).

It wears off pretty nasty, and it fades towards the center of the lips. Luckily, this shade is pretty similar to my natural lip color, so it doesn’t look that bad.

4. Miss Sporty Eye Brow Pencil (004 Blonde)

Love: It has a nice pigmentation, it’s creamy and easy to apply. It also has that mini brush at the top, to help you tame your brows and keep them in place.

Hate: The shade is supposed to work well for blonde hair, but it’s horrible. It has an intense red undertone, so when contouring the brows, they look crazy and totally not natural.

I usually pick brow products with a grey undertone, and I did swatch this crayon on my hand before buying it, but I had no idea it would be so bad. Oh well, lesson learned. I’ll be more careful from now on.


Now it’s your turn! Have you tried any of these products? What was your experience with them? And what products dissapointed you in the past months?


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  1. N-am incercat niciunul din aceste produse si ceea ce spui tu nu ma indeamna prea mult sa le incerc de acum incolo. Pe caldura asta prefer sa stau cat mai naturala decat sa mi se intinda tot smacul pe fata.

    1. Hello Raluca! Daa, stiu ce zici. Cand e cald nu prea iti vine sa folosesti multe produse de machiaj, mai ales daca nu rezista bine. Imi pare rau sincer de eyelinerul de la Benefit, tare as fi vrut sa imi placa, caci eram mega bucuroasa cand am intrat in posesia lui. Te pup, o zi faina!

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