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Breaking The Fashion Rules: 6 Unconventional Trends for Stylish Women

I’m sure you already know how fun and exciting it is to break the rules once in a while. That adrenaline pumping through your veins, feeling like a bad-ass and ignoring what the world has to say about your choices. So it seems that fashion has aligned to this approach, and the most stylish people today have one thing in common: breaking the fashion rules.

Gone are the days when you had to wear heels with a fancy dress, when pajamas were only for bed and baseball hats… just for baseball. Today, it’s all a matter of looking different, eccentric, unconventional. What used to be a “fashion crime”, today it will probably show up in the “best-dressed” section of your favorite magazine.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Aligning yourself to the norms is now boring and outdated, so an anti-norm culture has emerged, being adopted by people all across the globe. The desire to express one’s personality and creativity through fashion is essential in our fast-paced world, when being remarked or remembered is harder than ever.

So that’s where breaking the rules becomes the new MUST. Should we jump on the bandwagon or just stick to our old fashion habits? Well, it depends on each one of us, and what message we want to send through our clothing. But a couple of unconventional trends are actually quite awesome to try, so let’s discuss 6 of the top rules that are constantly broken in today’s street style approach.

breaking the fashion rules - denim on denim

1. Denim on denim

Once upon a time, there was this myth that a denim piece needs to be worn alone, and never paired with another denim piece. After our eyes were hurt by Britney’s choice at the 2001 VMA’s (seems like it was a century ago), we immediately decided to just let it go and accept that double-denim is a big no-no. Well guess what? Today it’s one of the coolest trends, constantly spotted on celebrities and style bloggers.

Would I wear it? Actually I think it’s an awesome trend, but you do need to be careful while wearing it. The coolest choice seems to be the denim shirt + jeans ensemble.

I would definitely wear that, cause’ it looks so casual and outgoing. However, I wouldn’t see myself rocking denim skirts ever again (thanks, ’90s!). Or denim shoes… just NO 🙂

breaking the fashion rules - mixing prints

2. Mixing prints

It’s easy to run away from prints, because they seem so hard to integrate in our daily outfits. They are also often criticized by everyone. Flowers for spring? So cliche. Horizontal lines? No, they make you look fat. Leopard print? No, it looks so cheap. And so on. So the stylish people have started to get sick of this nonsense, and took it to the next level. Not only do they rock prints, but they mix multiple prints in one outfit. Crazy, huh?

Would I wear it? I’m probably not so brave yet, but I must admit I admire the ladies that manage to pull it off. Just look at the examples in the picture above: they look gorgeous.

breaking the fashion rules - streetstyle pajamas

3. Street style pajamas

What once seemed a major faux-pas in the fashion world, today pajamas are often seen as cool clothing items. Who would have thought, right? Long silk pants have been around for a long time, but they never seemed to be matched with an equally delicate and comfortable blouse. Wearing a pajama on the streets nowadays is more than acceptable: is actually considered fashionable.

Would I wear it? I’ve always hated pajamas. I don’t wear them in bed, and sure as hell I didn’t ever wear them outside. But truth be told, if we speak about luxurious beautiful fabrics, I admit they do look fabulous with high-heels and a long coat. And there’s something sophisticated and chic about it, so my conclusion here is: never say never 🙂

breaking the fashion rules - sneakers with skirts or elegant outfits

4. Sneakers with everything

Remember when sneakers were only for the gym or for running? Or when people would laugh if they would see anyone wearing sneakers with a rather elegant dress or skirt? Yeah, that was a long time ago. Today you can wear sneakers with basically anything. The fancier, the better. Even long sequined gowns can be worn with a pair of Converse and no-one would bat an eye.

Would I wear it? YES! I already do, and I am so happy with this trend. Feeling forced to wear heels or flats with dresses is kinda boring and predictable. And of course, heels are not exactly known for being comfy or easy to wear. However, this doesn’t mean I want to be stuck with sneakers only either. I love me some tall boots or heels once in a while 🙂

breaking the fashion rules - visible lace bra

5. Visible bra

Hiding our bra has always been a problem for girls. A ruthless fashion rule would say that if you wear a strapless top, you need to hide the bra straps as well. If you wear a backless blouse, you need to wear it without a bra. Or if you wear a transparent white blouse, you need a matching white bra underneath.

But today, it’s all about showing off that bra. Or not even bothering wearing one (Rihanna, I’m looking at you!).

Would I wear it? Yes and no. A major YES goes to all the pretty black lace bras, that look amazing with nearly anything (and are also expensive as hell, so you might as well show them off, ha ha). But probably NO to the white-black contrast, not quite my thing.

breaking the fashion rules - wearing clothes backwards

6. Wearing clothes backwards

Last but not least, there is another trend that definitely took off in the past few months. Wearing your shirt or cardigan backwards is unexpected, eccentric, and it gives your outfit a fresh twist. Some have even started wearing dresses backwards. This trend might seem really hard to integrate in your looks, but there are so many cool examples on Pinterest that you can’t stop but thinking… why haven’t I tried this earlier?

Would I wear it? I already started to play around with my clothes and see if I could make it happen, and the results are surprisingly cool. I hope I’ll manage to post a new outfit post soon, to show you how it works. Bottom line, it ain’t easy, and it doesn’t work with any item, but it can look fabulous if done right.

These were the top 6 rules that fashion seems to break lately, but there are many more I haven’t included. Wearing crocs or Birkenstocks with elegant suits; baseball hats with bodycon dresses; men clothes; mixing silver with golden accents; and the list goes on.

YOUR TURN: What do you think about these trends? Would you wear them? What’s your favorite and least favorite from the list?


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    1. Hello Carmen! Thanks for stopping by. Mixing prints is a great way to showcase your personal style, I think it’s a very cool trend. As for the pajama thing, it’s not easy to pull off, but with a bit of creativity I am sure it can look fabulous too. Kisses :*

    1. Thank you so much, lovely! :* Glad you enjoyed this post. And the two trends you mentioned are my faves as well, they look so efortlessly cool 🙂 Kisses

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