5 Mistakes I Was Making In My Hair Care Routine & How I Fixed Them

Hello lovelies! You know that moment when your hair looks really flat, with no life, no volume, no nothing? This was a constant struggle for me during the years. To be honest, for many years I didn’t really pay much attention to my hair care routine. I was doing many things that felt natural and normal at

Beauty Empties & Replacements: Hair, Skin, Nails and Body Care

Hello lovelies! It’s finally time for my first beauty empties and replacements post. I didn’t really understand the purpose of “empties” until now, I’ll be honest. But I recently noticed that I used a lot of products in the past months that I haven’t mentioned here on the blog, so I thought this would be a good

My Summer Beauty Essentials – Skincare, Make-up, Hair

Hello guys! There’s a new video up on my YouTube channel. This time we’re building a summer beauty kit, with all the cool products that help us survive during the hot summer days. I included some skincare, hair care and make-up products, and these are my essentials for this season. I’ve been using them a lot lately

May & June Favorites – Beauty Products

Hello lovelies! I just posted a new YouTube video, where I talk about the beauty products I’ve been using a lot in May & June. You can find below the full list of products mentioned in the video. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Syoss Oleo Riche Nourishing Oil-Conditioner for dry hair Garnier Ultra Doux Argan Oil

My Hair Care Routine with Syoss Full Hair 5

Hi lovelies! I can’t believe I finally get to talk about my favorite hair care products. I’ve been so hyped on make-up and fashion lately, that I kinda neglected other beauty topics (#sorrynotsorry). But I need to confess that I am madly in love with the Syoss Full Hair 5 collection. My hair has been happy,

New Hair Color with L’Oreal Excellence Crème Chocolate Brown 6.35

EN: Hi lovelies! As you probably noticed in my latest make-up post, I just got a new hair color. Although I loved my ombre look, I eventually got a little bored and tried something different (as in: getting blonde roots). So the last month of summer caught me with 3 different colors in my hair: light blonde, dark

L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre N°1 Review

EN: Hello girls. Remember 2 years ago when I was talking about the ascending Ombre Hair trend? Well, it’s still super hip and fashion, even if it’s starting to fade in comparison to the new balayage technique. For the past two years, everybody seemed to have ombre hair, so even if I was curious how it would fit