Weekly Reads #15: Starting a Business and Taking Back Control of Your Life

Hi lovelies! Today’s Weekly Reads feature: starting a business with no budget; taking back control over your life and happiness; real life vs. blog life; and a huge list of social media tools for bloggers and marketers. Enjoy! 🙂 1. Start a Business From Your Bedroom With No Budget (Career Girl Daily) Worth reading because: If you dream of becoming

Weekly Reads #14: Beauty Boxes, 2016 Predictions & Nutrition Facts

Hi lovelies! Just a quick list of Weekly Reads today, including: Lady Gaga’s story about why she quit being a pop star; anxiety and the feeling of giving up; wrong facts about nutrition; beauty boxes and predictions for 2016. Enjoy! 🙂 1. Lady Gaga: I Needed To Stop Being a Pop Star or I was Going to Die (Elle) Worth

Weekly Reads #13: Packing, Winter Clothing and Beauty Tips

Hi lovelies! How are you? I am enjoying the day off, writing and taking photos for some new posts. And I might as well shoot a video for you guys, let’s see how (and if) that comes out. Anyway, today we have a new round-up of articles, as always, in our Weekly Reads edition #13. Main topics:

Weekly Reads #12: Saving Money, Health Gurus and Fashion Careers

Hello there, wonderful people! I hope you had a really good weekend. It’s time for our Weekly Reads, and today we have some interesting articles about fashion careers, saving money while shopping online, the obsession for health gurus, losing information on the Internet, and also learning a new language. It’s cold and dark outside, so you’d better grab

Weekly Reads #11: Fashion Blogging vs. Journalism

Hello lovely people! I have some awesome articles for you this week. The 11th edition of my Weekly Reads includes: 10 things bloggers don’t tell you, questions that can change your life, fashion blogging vs. journalism, manufacturing outrage through media, and internet bullying. Enjoy! 1. 10 things bloggers don’t tell you (Robowecop) Worth reading because: It’s a funny

Weekly Reads #10: Managing a Blog and a Job + Fake Social Media

Hi lovelies! You know it’s time: new week ahead, new Weekly Reads 🙂 Today we talk about choosing a proper primer, dealing with a job and a blog in the same time, and also the major topic of last week, the Essena O’Neill “declared war on social media” thing. Enjoy! 1. Here’s What Happened When We

Weekly Reads #9: Photography Tips, Fashion Month and Hate Online

Hello dear readers! This a sad Monday for us in Romania, maybe you saw the news, I won’t talk about it because I feel it wouldn’t help in any way. I wanted to post some new stuff this weekend, but it felt too wrong to talk about beauty products and outfits, in such a tragic context. However, this

Weekly Reads #8: Looking Expensive (Why and How) + H&M Balmain Collection

Hi lovelies! So this week, our Weekly Reads are extremely connected and nearly all focus on the same topic: looking expensive. High-end fashion is definitely not for everybody, but there is an entire psychology behind our own perception of it. It seems that dressing expensive (or at least keeping an expensive appearance) can really influence

Weekly Reads #7: Morning Routines, Celebrities and a Summer in the USA

Hello lovelies! It’s Monday again, a rainy Monday here in Cluj, and this means it’s time to give you some good articles to read (as I always do, he he). I don’t know if it’s a sign, but lately I’ve been reading a lot of personal stories from fellow bloggers, about life-changing experiences and lessons

Weekly Reads #6: Life Goals, Dreams and Social Media Breakups

Hi there, lovelies! It’s a rainy Monday, I’ve just got the worst cold ever, but I’m still trying to survive. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some new stuff on blog this week, but until then I’m going to leave you with the 6th edition of my Weekly Reads, aka the best articles I’ve discovered last