6 Beauty Sins I Am Guilty Of

Just because we are beauty bloggers doesn’t mean that we are perfect, or that we always follow the standard beauty rules. Actually, we all have our flaws and we are definitely guilty of several beauty sins. At least I know I am.

So I am ready to tell you what I do wrong in my daily beauty/ make-up routine, and maybe this can work as a reminder too, because you know the saying: acceptance is the first step to recovery.


1. I don’t use a primer

I always underestimated the importance of a primer. Not proud of it, but hey, it’s the truth. Until a few months ago, I didn’t really know how or why would you use one. I tried one or two primers so far, didn’t like the results, so now I am searching for that awesome great product that would help my make-up last all day long. But right now as we speak, I don’t have one in my make-up bag.

2. I discriminate between my make-up brushes when it comes to washing them

I wash my foundation brushes and sponges regularly, as often as I can, because I want to avoid any breakouts. Same goes for my concealer and eyeliner brushes. But when it comes to eyeshadow, blush or powder brushes… it’s like I always forget to wash them. I just stare at them and say “eh, you can work for a week more, you’re not so dirty” :)) Am I the only one?

3. I don’t use lip brushes or lip pencils too often

I never apply lipstick with a brush, and I don’t usually use a lip pencil to contour my lips before applying lipstick. Exceptions: red lipstick (in any form) or dark liquid lipsticks (which can get messy very easy). Otherwise, I just use the sharp side of the lipstick to contour the lip edges, and then cover them up with color. Lazy, but it works.

4. I don’t pay enough attention to SPF

If a CC cream or foundation has it, that’s great; if not, I don’t bother using other products for this purpose only. I know we should be a lot more careful, and I definitely have to start working on this… but right now, I am not so self-conscious. Don’t be like me 🙂

5. I rarely use make-up on my lower lash-line

Not sure if this is a beauty sin or not, but I know many people think that a make-up look is not complete if you leave the lower part undone. I usually do it only for evening make-up or shootings, but not so much on a daily basis – because I tend to scratch that area too often, so I don’t want to end up looking like a baby panda.

6. I use a mascara for more than 3 months

I know you are supposed to throw it away after 3 months, but if it doesn’t change its smell or consistency, I continue to use it. Until now, I never met a mascara that didn’t last 4-5 months before starting to dry out or smell bad.

There, you have it! 6 beauty sins I’m guilty of. In the past, I also did some nasty stuff, like sleeping with my make-up on (worst! choice! ever!) or over-tweezing my eyebrows (goodbye, silly teenager beauty standards). But oh well, those days are luckily gone, and I started to actually take care of my skin, and to improve the quality of the beauty products I use.

What are the beauty sins you are guilty of? Do you relate to any of these on my list? Let’s have a good laugh, but also learn from each other 🙂






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Save or Splurge? Make-up products (for girls on a budget)

So, you don’t have a huge budget, but you want to own good make-up products? Say no more, I’m here to help. From my experience, some products are worth investing in, and some are not. So let’s talk about what could you buy with less money, without ruining the quality of your make-up, and what really needs to be more expensive.

And just a quick disclaimer before we begin: we might have different definitions for “expensive”, so let’s not pick on the details and see the bigger picture. When I say “splurge”, I think about always buying the best choice from the market, regardless of how much it costs, but it doesn’t mean it should be super expensive. It can be a medium-priced item, and you would still splurge on it, if you had other 10 cheaper options available.

So, let the shopping games begin!

save or splurge - make-up products for girls on a budget (3)


1. Foundation

Make sure to buy a very good foundation, which matches your skin color and type. It’s the whole base of your make-up and it should really work perfectly. That’s why you’ll probably pay a bit more for it, but trust me, it’s worth it.

2. Concealer

Same thing here. I’ve tried several cheap concealers so far, and they just don’t work as they should. The coverage is small, it doesn’t really make a big difference, so please go buy a high-quality concealer, especially if you have really pronounced black circles underneath your eyes (or lots of imperfections, zips or redness).

3. Primer

I’m guilty of underestimating this product, but I know it’s a very important step, in order to keep your face fresh and nice all day long. So don’t be cheap for this one, buy something that really does its job.

4. Mascara

I usually like to test a lot of mascaras, especially from drugstore brands. But so far, I have come to the conclusion that “the more expensive, the better”. Why? I don’t know, it’s just that a mascara should have a great formula, it shouldn’t give you clumpy or spiderish lashes. I’m not saying you should buy the Dior one if you don’t have the budget for it, but try to stay away from random mascaras that might even hurt your eyes. Go big with it, after all it’s an essential step of your everyday makeup.

5. Contouring Kit

Here I am referring to the liquid products most of all, but not only. They should be easy to blend and look natural. Buy a professional contour kit if you really want to, because the cheap stuff won’t take you far.

6. Brushes

If you want to achieve the flawless makeup looks you see on Instagram and glossy magazines, you need to use professional brushes. Invest in a good set, beginning with the most used ones. You’ll probably be fine without a lip brush at first, but you sure as hell need a good one for stippling, foundation and eyeshadow blending.

7. Eyeliner

Oh yes, the holy grail of any eye makeup! This should better be good, because there’s nothing worse than having small pieces of dry eyeliner underneath your eyes, fallen right after getting out of the door. Arghhh! So make sure you buy a good one, that lasts a lot (maybe buy a waterproof one, it does wonders), is buildable and easy to control. If it dries too fast, is bad; if it’s a terrible formula, it will look bad; and so on.

save or splurge - make-up products for girls on a budget (2)


1. Eyebrow kit

Let’s face it, we need to contour and define our brows, to get a perfect look. But that doesn’t mean we should spend tons of money. I personally get the best results by applying a basic brown eyeshadow on my brows, with the help of an angled pointed brush.

2Colorful eyeshadow palette

Nope, you don’t need to spend a lot for a eyeshadow palette with 100 colors, if you’re the shy kind of girl and only use the pink shades. It’s pointless, don’t you think? You’ll probably wear only 5-6 colors from there on a regular basis (unless you’re a make-up artist, in which case it totally makes sense to invest in a good palette), so don’t fool yourself. The cheaper ones or dupes after renamed brands will probably work pretty well, especially when applied on a very good quality eye primer 🙂

However (!), you should probably invest in a few (2-3) colors which definitely work for any eye make-up, let’s say on a simple nude palette (think about: white, neutral beige/ somon pink, a dark brown and a black). For that green sparkly color which you’re gonna be wearing only on Halloween, you don’t need to pay so much.

3. Lipsticks

You might argue with me on this one, and I would understand why. Indeed, a good quality lipstick is a must-have, that one lipstick which has the ability to transform you from a regular girl into a red carpet celebrity. But if you’re like me, only one lipstick is never enough. And if you don’t have much money, you can’t afford to buy 2 MAC shades every weekend. Hell, you’ll probably feel rich only having one of them in your make-up bag.

That’s why I would say you need to invest less in lipsticks at the beginning. This way, you’ll learn what colors fit you better, you’ll have a lot more flexibility in switching from color to color, you’ll be fine if you get bored of your 2 shades at home and go buy 2 more, because you won’t spend your whole paycheck for it. And after you’re done experimenting, you might stick to only a nude shade, a bright red and a dark color. Which could be more expensive.

4. Bronzer, Blush, Face Powder

I think you can easily find a good blush at a cheaper price, on a basic drugstore brand, and same thing goes with powder and bronzer. I’ve tried several brands and they were all pretty satisfying, so you probably don’t need to invest much on these.

5. Pencils

Either we’re talking about eye pencils or lip pencils, they shouldn’t be very expensive, in my opinion. A very popular brand in Romania, called Ada, makes the best eye pencils ever, and they cost a lot less than 50 cents a piece. Call that a save or what? Here, it’s a matter of trying and testing different products, but you’ll probably find a good match with a budget friendly one.

6. Glitter

Talking about things you only wear a few times, I really think glitter should be cheap. I mean, if you have a daily job, you cannot wear tons of glitter on your eyes, right? So why buy a very expensive tube and keep it there? You’ll finish it in a couple of years, so why spend so much? Even the cheapest glitter on the market works perfectly for a fabulous New Year look, so keep that money on your purse and stop paying for the brand name only.

7. False lashes

Same thing here. You probably won’t believe me, but I’ve never worn false eyelashes in my life. Not that I have something with people who do, not at all (actually, some make-up looks are deeply enhanced with a nice pair of falsies), but I just don’t feel like wearing them. If you’re into it, please go ahead and do it, but don’t buy the most expensive batch out there.

Maybe you’ll try them on and you won’t like them? Maybe they don’t look as well on your eye shape as on the YouTube guru you saw them on the first time? Things like this can happen, and you can’t really wear them more than a few times, so why bother paying so much for one pair?

save or splurge - make-up products for girls on a budget (1)

Notice a pattern here? If I were to sum up everything, I would say: pay a lot more attention to the liquid products, splurge to make sure they are the best quality you could get; but save on the powder products, they are less likely to disappoint or leave terrible marks on your face.

Same goes with products you use a lot vs. products you barely touch (I’m looking at you, glitter and falsies!).

So, do you agree with my list? What’s your balance between splurge and save on make-up products? Let’s talk!






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Weekly Reads #10: Managing a Blog and a Job + Fake Social Media


Hi lovelies! You know it’s time: new week ahead, new Weekly Reads 🙂 Today we talk about choosing a proper primer, dealing with a job and a blog in the same time, and also the major topic of last week, the Essena O’Neill “declared war on social media” thing. Enjoy!

1. Here’s What Happened When We Bought Clothes From Those Sketchy Online Sites (Refinery 29)

Worth reading because: You’ve probably heard a lot about websites like Romwe, SheIn and others, famous for selling cheap and trendy clothes. But are they worth the hype, how does the sizing work, and do the real products look the same as in the pictures? This is a nice research article, if you want to know more about this topic.

2. How To Choose a Proper Primer? (Fashion Confession)

Worth reading because: I think we all agree that using a great primer as a base can make the difference between a gorgeous long-lasting make-up look and a regular one. So when I saw this article, I thought it’s a great starting point if you are still in the search of a good quality product.

3. Is Social Media Fake?! (Wings for Liberty)

Worth reading because: Essena O’Neill drove the Internet crazy last week, and I couldn’t help myself from reading a lot about her story (from changing her Instagram captions, to deleting her accounts entirely, and then asking rent money from her followers). And one of the best articles on this topic was written by Patricia, who debates on her blog whether social media is really fake (or only as fake as we are).

4. How To Manage a Job and a Blog (Girl Lost in the City)

Worth reading because: A lot of bloggers face the struggle of juggling with a full-time job and a full-time blogging schedule, and they know it’s no easy task. So if you relate to this #firstworldproblem as well, you sure agree that any tips and tricks are more than welcome.

What was your favorite article from last week?







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