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5 Must-Have Items To Add in Your Spring Wardrobe

Hello lovelies! Remember I did a collab with Bonprix last summer? Well, it’s time for a new one! They decided to continue our collaboration, so I got the chance to pick some new goodies from their website.

It was a pretty tough choice, because they have sooo many items. I was overwhelmed by all the pretty dresses, tops and jackets they had on stock 🙂 And I was a little woried I won’t get the right size, because many people say you should pick a bigger size when ordering from Bonprix.

Luckily, I ordered my usual size, and it was the right one for all these clothing items. So yeah, I guess it depends from person to person, but I personally didn’t have any issues 🙂

Sooo, since I was able to pick a couple of different clothes, I decided to make a post about the 5 essential items you should add in your spring wardrobe. These items are all comfy, feminine, versatile and easy to mix and match.

1. A short sleeved bodysuit, in white or black

A bodysuit is a must-have item in your wardrobe, because it’s versatile and suitable in any season. You can wear it with many different types of pants and skirts. Pick one in white or black, so you can match it to any outfit.

A bodysuit also helps elongate your body figure, and it adds an extra level of warmth when layering your clothes, for those spring windy days.

In my case, the white body was the base of this outfit, because the blouse was slightly too transparent. So it’s also a perfect choice when you want to wear a sheer top at work, but you still want to look decent and professional.

2. A colorful scarf

A scarf is the perfect accessory to give a new dimension to your outfit, to make it more feminine and classy. You can wear it in a business-casual type of look, but you can also pair it with white sneakers and a biker jacket. It’s all about the attitude. I really love this scarf from Bonprix, because of those little metallic details and the nice mix between pink and blue pastels.

3. A white blouse

I know everyone says that the white shirt is a staple in any wardrobe. But what if you’re not a fan of shirts? And what if you’d rather wear something more casual and less restrictive? I think you can easily go for a simple white long sleeved blouse.

At first I thought I picked the wrong size, but actually this has an oversized design, and it’s supposed to be loose and comfy. It’s made of 100% cotton and it feels really great, it’s super cosy and warm. I think it’s a great match for any pair of skinny jeans or skirt.

4. A bright colorful t-shirt

Lately, I’ve been wearing way too much black, white, navy and grey clothing. So I have to push myself and remember to buy bright colorful items as well, because they make me look and feel so much better. I always receive compliments whenever I wear my royal blue blazer, or my bright green floral printed top, and I know I should wear vivid colors more often.

So I had to buy this t-shirt in a coral-pink shade. It’s made of cotton, it feels really soft and cosy, but it’s also an eye-catcher because of the color. This one works perfectly in a Sunday lazy outfit, with jeans and sneakers, but I can also wear it at work with a cardigan and a pencil skirt.

5. A soft pink blazer

I really wanted to own a blazer with a belt, because it looks really modern and classy at the same time. I like the design, it’s suitable for any body shape, and it’s super flattering. The size was perfect, so I love how it fits me.

It’s more of a spring-summer blazer, so it’s thin and slighly transparent. I’m gonna wear it a lot in the next few months, in the chilly summer mornings on my way to work. And even though it might look a bit pretentious, it’s not. Because of the fabric and the light texture, you can easily integrate it in a casual outfit as well.

Wearing: Bonprix Blazer | Bonprix Scarf | C&A Navy Pants | CCC Shoes | Bonprix Blouse | Stradivarius Bag | Bonprix Body | Sunglasses from Talk Talk Accesories, VIVO

Do you own any of these spring essentials? What’s your favorite item?


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