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Guest Post: 8 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Thrift Stores

Hi lovelies! Happy to bring you a new awesome guest post, this time written by Brandon Leibovitz. I myself am a big fan of thrift stores, you can find so many hidden treasures in these places. So I agree with most of the points he made in this article. With that said, I hope you enjoy the read & let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below! Kisses from Cluj

Whether you’re a fashion conscious woman or you just love good deals, thrift stores can offer a hoard of benefits. You might already be a regular shopper at your local secondhand clothing store. But did you know that thrift stores are so much more than cheap yet valuable finds? Take a look at some of the cool reasons why you should check out thrift stores.

8 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Thrift Stores

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You can create a unique wardrobe – One of the best parts about thrift stores is that the clothes you’ll find there aren’t usually available at commercial fashion chains. Think about it. There are high chances of running into someone wearing the same outfit you bought from Forever 21 or Macy’s. At a thrift store, you can find a much more diverse variety of clothing and unique pieces that are making a fashion comeback.  The result is a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that everyone will envy you for.

You’re saving the environment – The clothing industry greatly impacts the environment. The manufacturing process often requires valuable non-sustainable resources while emitting greenhouse gases. So when you purchase a new item of clothing, you’re contributing to the never-ending cycle of mass production. You’re also contributing to the destruction of precious environmental resources.

Instead of doing this, you can save the environment by promoting the reuse and recycle lifestyle. Thrift stores are a great place to do this, helping you decrease your environmental impact. You can also donate your old clothes instead of dumping them in the garbage and causing more harm to the environment.

You can chance upon valuable finds – Whether it’s vintage or antique jewelry, thrift stores are your best bet at finding them at an affordable rate. There’s a popular saying “fashion repeats itself”. And oftentimes, designers take inspiration from popular trends of decades past. Whether it’s the seventies, fifties, or even nineties; you might be able to find unique and stylish vintage pieces that are similar to the latest trends of today.

A lot of people donate their old season brand name clothes to make space for the latest trends. So you may even chance upon quality designer pieces at the fraction of their original price. Additionally, you could find valuable items that are no longer made. Maybe it’s a first edition copy of a great book or a band tee that was only made during the eighties. Whatever it may be, you might end up with tons of precious finds while spending just a few hundred bucks.

8 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Thrift Stores - Bloggerissa

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You can find costumes on a budget – Americans spend a ton of money on costumes for events like Halloween. Instead of giving into this spending culture, you could dig into the racks of a thrift store and find whimsical pieces for an awesome DIY Halloween costume.

You can re-decorate your home on a budget – Furniture and home decor can be quite expensive. So thrift stores are the best place to find some unique items to furnish your home. You can find thrift shops with a dedicated furniture section, where they sell items like chairs, couches, and dressers at highly-discounted prices. This may be an excellent option when you’re moving out of home or moving from a different city.

You’re saving a lot of money – Thrift stores are beneficial for one obvious reason – they’re dirt cheap. So when you’re updating your wardrobe on a budget, you can easily fill your closet with a wide variety of pieces for just $50. Sometimes, you might even be able to find designer dresses that will normally sell for $100 at just $10.

So when you save money on wardrobe basics, you can spend more money on investment pieces like handbags and shoes. While many thrift stores may have these items as well, you’ll always have the option of spending more on them if you’re unable to find more affordable ones.

You’re teaching your kids to spend wisely – The great thing about thrift shopping when you have kids is that you’re instilling good spending habits in your kids. And what parent doesn’t want to do that? Children learn the best from example, so when they see their parents spending wisely on clothes and other items it can motivate them to do the same. This is easily one of the most beneficial parts about shopping at a thrift store.

You can find quirky and unique gifts – You might have friends or family members who are into quirky showpieces or unique bric-à-bracs. Thrift stores are a treasure trove of such items. So if there’s a special event coming up where you need to find gifts, don’t hesitate to check out your local thrift store before you go to the mall.

Convinced yet? These are some of the top benefits of shopping at a thrift store. Are you already a regular thrift shopper? What’s your reason to buy from a thrift store?

8 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Thrift Stores - Guest post

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Brandon Leibowitz is a seasoned writer for global thrift retailers, Savers and Value Village. He is a frequent contributor to blogs such as Social Media Examiner, Business 2 Community and several others. Brandon is recognized as a strong social media influencer due to his knowledge of and dedication to the industry.

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