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August Favorites | Make-up, Books & Movies

Hi lovelies! I can’t believe it’s already September. I have no idea where did the summer go, and when, but oh well 🙂

Today I’m gonna show you a couple of my August faves, ’cause it’s a been a while since my last favorites post. If you love watching videos, just hit the play button, grab a popcorn and enjoy! If not, keep scrolling, because I also wrote down some details about each product mentioned.

1. Nyx Total Control Foundation Brush

I love this brush because it gives me a high coverage, and it helps me achieve a flawless look. It works really well with liquid foundation, and it doesn’t give a cakey effect or anything. I haven’t even used beauty blenders as much lately, since I’ve been reaching out for this brush most of the times.

2. Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade (Medium Brown)

I bought this brow pomade only a few weeks ago, so it’s pretty new, but it already got into my favorites. That’s because it’s pigmented, it has a nice texture and it’s easy to apply. I can get both a natural and a more contoured effect, depending on how much product I use.

And the color is a perfect match. So if you have light brown hair, you definitely need to get this shade!

3. Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer (Light Natural)

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I love this concealer. It’s very cheap, you can find it on many online shops, and it’s perfect to cover up the dark under-eye circles. It has a great coverage, a nice texture and the shade Light Natural works well if you have a light skin tone like me.

It does tend to crease a little, that’s true, but I guess you can’t have it all?

4. Melkior Matte Stain (Joy)

I know you’re sick of hearing about this product everywhere, many bloggers praise it and you might think it’s way too hyped. But I promise, it’s actually good!

It’s pigmented, long lasting, it has a very comfortable formula and the shade is super flattering. I can’t speak for the other lipstick shades, but Joy is definitely a winner!

5. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish (Rose Libertine)

Do you remember this nail polish? I did a blog post about it when I bought it almost a year ago, but I still have it and it’s as good as new. The texture is the same, it still has a great opacity, the color is classy and feminine, and the applicator is amazing. I highly recommend these nail polishes, they are the best.

6. Elena Ferrante – Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (Volume #3 from the series “Tetralogia Napolitana”)

This book series by Elena Ferrante is so catchy and well written, that I have to recommend it to everybody I know. The story is about two girls who become best friends in early childhood, grow together and learn everything about life in the outskirts of Naples, Italy.

The two friends, Elena and Lila, have a very complicated relationship over the years. They write books, get married, have children, move places, change lovers and friends, but they still manage somehow to keep in touch and care about each other. Things change, people change, and that’s exactly what happens in real life as well, so it’s a very relatable story and you get deeply attached to the characters.

I finished the 3rd volume in August, and I’m going to buy the last one very soon, to see how everything ends. Here you can see the reviews on Goodreads, if you want to read more opinions about the first volume. But I personally love them and I think they’re a must read.

7. Baby Driver (movie – now in cinemas)

This movie is amazing! I watched it recently and it blew my mind. It’s super refreshing and cool, it has a brilliant soundtrack, great acting and some hot action scenes. What can I say, I think I’m gonna rewatch it, because it’s def’ worth it!

8. H&M Floral Top

I got this pretty top from an outlet a while ago (I don’t remember if last year or 2 years ago… no idea), and it’s been a favorite ever since. But now in August I remembered how much I like it, so I wore it a lot! It’s got a great floral print, it’s flowy, feminine and chic. And I can wear it with jeans, skirts and in many other combinations.

So, these were my August favorites. What were your fave’ products last month? And what books & movies did you enjoy recently? Let me know in the comments!


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