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Back to Black: Maxi Dress & High-Heel Sandals

It’s a beautiful summer evening, and we’re heading to the Central Park. The streets are filled with people, ready to go and enjoy a drink or a walk with their friends. There’s something in the air, a certain feeling of joy and freedom. And everybody is wearing casual outfits, sneakers and jeans, with a laid-back attitude.

But I don’t fit the description tonight. I’m feeling like a princess in my new little black dress. And after the last colorful outfit I showed you, I needed to go back to black.

I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to wear this a few years ago. Cleavage, high-heels and red lips? Oh my god, this means that people will stare at me on the street. Well, I no longer care about this. Let them watch, let them stare.

I’m just happy to be myself, to wear the clothes I like and to embrace my femininity.  This gives me confidence and makes me feel powerful.

back to black - the little black dress ootd (4)

I’ve recently started a collaboration with an online shop called Bonprix. So I had the chance to pick some products and style them in my fashion posts. At first, I was quite sure I wanted some shorts and flats. You know, the usual “feel comfortable” style. But then I spotted this beautiful maxi dress and I was impressed.

I already had a little black dress, but this one was completely different. The fabric, the cuts, the way it looked on the model… it fascinated me. I needed something romantic, chic, but also sexy, so this was the perfect choice. I can’t tell you how happy I was when the package arrived at my door.

back to black - the little black dress ootd (3)

I had some second thoughts about the sizes, because I usually wear 38-40 (EUR) for dresses, jackets and blazers. And they only had the 40/42 size available on the website. But I’m happy it turned out just right for my body shape, and it actually flatters me.

I also did a short video so you can see it better ❤️

And the shoes… oh well, I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and wear heels more often. I love high-heels, and yet I wear them only a couple of times per year. So I decided to get these black sandals, with a block tall heel (11 cm) and no platform.

And I have to admit they are a lot more comfortable than they seem. I was ready to complain about the pain and how I’m never gonna wear heels again. But guess what? My feet didn’t hurt at all. The ankle strap fastening is awesome, because my feet don’t slip at all from the shoe, so they are easy to wear.

back to black - the little black dress ootd (6)

back to black - the little black dress ootd (8)

And last but not least, I have to tell you about the watch. I’m obsessed with silver right now, so I had to pick the watch with a metallic silver strap. It has some gorgeous rhinestones encrusted, that makes it look luxurious and classy. I didn’t even have to wear any other accessories for this outfit. Less is more, am I right?

back to black - the little black dress ootd (7)

Wearing: Bonprix Dress | Bonprix Shoes | Random Brand Bag (gifted by a friend) | Bonprix Watch | Cat-eye Shaped Sunglasses (Talk Talk Accesories, Polus Center) | Farmasi True Color Lipstick (#27)

back to black - the little black dress ootd (2)


back to black - the little black dress ootd (5)

So I really hope you liked this outfit. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna wear it for my birthday as well, at the end of July. Just a 25 year old woman in a little black dress, heels and red lipstick. Sounds like a plan 🙂

What do you think about this look? Did you ever shop at Bonprix before? And what outfit makes you feel confident and powerful?


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    1. Thanks a lot, Samantha! Happy to hear your feedback 💕 It’s the first short video I do for an outfit post, but I’ll definitely do more if you guys like them 🙂 Kisses

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