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Best Affordable Lip Liner Pencil – Farmasi Review & Swatches

Best Affordable Lip Liner Pencil – Farmasi Review & Swatches

Hello ladies! I hope you’re having a fabulous day so far. I’m back on the blog, ready to show you the most amazing & affordable lip liner pencils ever. Yep, not even kidding.

Some people are saying these are the best dupes for the Kylie lip pencils. Well, I can’t confirm that, because I haven’t tried the Kylie kits. But I’ve seen some swatches and they do seem similar (at least the shades, not sure about the texture).

I’ve talked about the Farmasi True Color lipsticks on this blog several times so far, because I love them. So now I also decided to try their lip liners, and – spoiler alert – I’m happy with my purchase.

I’m not pretentious about my lip pencils, to be honest. I need them to be creamy, easy to apply and precise, to help me draw the perfect lip contour. If they’re long-lasting it’s even better.

I always cover up the whole surface of the lips before applying the lipstick. This makes it stay in place for several hours. And yes, these lip pencils passed the test.


I was not dissapointed by these lip pencils. They glide smoothly on the lips, are super easy to apply, pigmented and creamy. I love the colors I picked, they look so good on the lips – even by their own.

They work great for both liquid and creamy lipsticks. And they keep the color locked, without migrating to the edges of the lips. The lips look fantastic – no bleeding, no feathering, no nothing.

I’ve had my fair share of lip crayons that were hurting my lips, rough and painful to apply – so I know how terrible it is. But rest assured, these Farmasi pencils are nothing like that.

The only annoying side? Sharpening those god damn pencils. Either I really suck at sharpening cosmetic pencils, either I have a lame sharpener.

But I’m having some serious issues with getting the perfect pointed tip. So if you have any suggestions, please share them with me 🙂

I bought these lip liners from a random store, located next to the Sora Shopping Center in Cluj. But you can also order them from or from the official Farmasi site.

The price is more than friendly: just 8-10 RON each.

Also, the shades I picked are easy to match with multiple lipstick colors.

203 – is a perfect match for any nude lipstick color

204 – great for pink & mauve lipstick colors

212 – is very versatile, so it works with both nude and brown/burgundy lipsticks


What was your experience with these Farmasi lip pencils, did you try them? And what are your favorite lip pencils of all time?


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