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Brush Art Make-up Tools (Or How I Apply My Foundation)

Hi lovelies! So today I wanted to show you the two awesome make-up tools that help me apply my foundation every day. They have been behind the scenes so far, but it’s time to talk a little bit about them. After all, I’m sure you agree that getting a flawless base is the most important step in any make-up look.

The cute little blue sponge is sort of a dupe for the Beauty Blender. It has the same features, but it probably doesn’t work as well as the original one (I say ~probably~ because I never tried the real deal, so I can’t be sure). It’s kinda small, but it doubles up when it’s wet. Also, it’s soft and flexible, so it’s super easy to use.

It gives a light to medium coverage if I apply only one layer of foundation. But I can come back with more product if I want, and it will provide higher coverage, while keeping a quite natural effect. I usually use it damp, but I noticed it’s not so bad when I use it dry either.

Also, it has the perfect shape for applying the concealer, so it doesn’t crease (too much) during the day. I haven’t tried using it with powder, so I’m not sure how that would work, but for liquid or creamy products I think it’s a good match.

brush art make-up tools - stippling brush and beauty blender dupe - from aoro (1)

The Brush Art stippling brush is actually meant to be used for blush, according to the website product description. But I think it works great with all my foundations and CC creams, so I do use it with this purpose only. This helps me achieve medium to high coverage with just a small amount of product, if I dab it on the skin. If I want a natural efect, I use circular motions.

The bristles are thin and long (maybe too long for my taste). It’s quite easy to work with, and very easy to clean. Also, it hasn’t lost any bristles so far, although I bought it several months ago. So it seems it will last me a long time.

However, it takes me a while to finish up the face make-up when using it. So if you want the “buff it two times on the face and it’s done” type of effect, this might not be the right choice for you.

brush art make-up tools - stippling brush and beauty blender dupe - from aoro (4)

I got them both from, for a very small price (2-3 euros each or something like this). However, they look very nice and professional, so you can’t really tell that they were so cheap.

What can I say, they are doing a good job so far. In the future, I’d like to try the Real Techniques and the Makeup Revolution beauty blender dupes as well, to see if they work better for my skin. But for now, I am pleased with these.

brush art make-up tools - stippling brush and beauty blender dupe - from aoro (2)

Have you ever used any make-up tools from this brand? How do you prefer to apply your foundation? And what’s the best beauty blender dupe you’ve tried so far?


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