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Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi lovelies! So as promised, I’m back with my Christmas gift ideas, and I promise I have plenty of choices for you. I decided to split them into categories, and for each one to give you some ideas that might work for HER, for HIM or for BOTH. I’m sure you will find something nice for you parents, boyfriend, bestie or coworker here.

Of course, some gifts are more appropriate for a BFF than for your boss, but I think many of the items listed below can be a great choice regardless of gender, age or relationship 🙂

Gifts for Her - Christmas time on Bloggerissa 1

1. Beauty products

For her: nail polishes, make-up brushes, body lotions/ scrubs, hand cream, hair dryer, make-up products

For him: after-shave, shaving gel, a grooming kit for bearded guys (beard oil, a comb, etc.)

2. Jewelry

For both: watches, bracelets

For her: earrings, necklaces

3. Gadgets & tech stuff

For both: a smart watch, headphones, video games, a funny-shaped mouse / keyboard, fish-eye lens, phone case

4. Culture/ Art

For both: fiction or non-fiction books, a streaming-music subscription, an art album, a movie kit

5. Kitchen stuff

For both: a sandwich maker, a personalized mug, a thermos, a coffee maker, a blender

Gifts for Him - Christmas time on Bloggerissa 1

6. Cosy home stuff

For both: slippers, comfy socks, a robe, candles, a nice blanket

7. Fashion accessories

For both: gloves, a knit scarf, a belt, a wallet

For her: a bag, a clutch, a pair of shoes

8. Vouchers and tickets

For both: shopping cards, discount vouchers, tickets to a concert/ festival/ bungee-jumping/ ski, etc.

9. Yummy stuff

For both: you must make it special, so get the best sortiments of tea, coffee, cigars, chocolate, wine, etc.

10. Funny gifts

For both: printed objects with fun stories, memes or inside jokes (works best for your close friends)


Remember to add a nice hand-written Holiday card to the gift (the small details always count), wrap it up nicely, and hand it with a smile on your face. Enjoy the holiday spirit, lovelies!

What Christmas presents do you plan to buy this year? And what would you like to receive?






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