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Edgy #OOTD: 5 Ways To Look More Confident

No one said it’s easy to be confident. But I think that you need to fake it till you make it.

Because we all have our flaws, uncertainties and we don’t always feel as confident as we should. But we actually need to do it, to survive in this fast-paced crazy world. I mean, it’s almost impossible to keep a job, a healthy relationship or any type of social interaction if you constantly put yourself down and hide yourself in the darkest corner of the room.

It’s hard to put yourself in the spotlight, but it’s worth it. It’s the only way you’ll ever reach the moon and the only way to make your dreams come true.

Yes, you may choose to stay in your comfort zone and never risk anything. But the truth is that you need to fail sometimes, if you actually want to learn something new. This is also applicable to fashion.

I recently found myself falling in the rut of wearing the most basic outfit ever at work: jeans and a t-shirt. I may be doing it to save some time in the morning, sure. But most of all, I have to admit it’s the easiest way to avoid messing up. After all, you can’t go wrong with basics, right?

Well guess what? That doesn’t represent neither myself, neither my personality or style. And I’m sure you’re also facing this dilemma once in a while: should I choose the safe path or try something new?

So today I decided to give you some tips to help you look a lot more confident and ready to take over the world.

It’s a journey we’ll hopefully take together, since I feel like this blog helped me a lot in improving my fashion style and self confidence. Fashion is such a powerful tool, and it would be a shame not to use it as such.

ootd edgy look - 5 ways to look more confident (4)

1. Wear a kick-ass lipstick color

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen is the perfect color to make you feel confident & chic. You might also pick a bright classic red or a sultry purple, the point is to look fierce and fabulous!

ootd edgy look - 5 ways to look more confident (1)

2. Adopt a trend

The best way to integrate trends in your style is by picking the right accessories. For example, chokers are super trendy right now. I didn’t get the chance to buy one so far (so if you have any suggestions, please share them with me!), but I improvised and used this old necklace as a sort-of-kinda choker. You can also go for any other hot accesory that’s trending right now, like a head piece or a beautiful statement necklace.

ootd edgy look - 5 ways to look more confident (5)

3. Make it comfortable

For me it’s important to feel good in my clothes. And while I sometimes prefer a pair of heels or a sexy dress to feel and look better, other times it’s all about comfort. So yeah, you can rule the world in sneakers or flats too, you know 🙂 All that matters is your attitude!

ootd edgy look - 5 ways to look more confident (7)

4. Wear only clothes that flatter you

This comes in hand with the previous tip. It’s important to wear only clothes that make you feel and look amazing. If you’re having issues with a zipper, or if any of the items you’re wearing is too transparent, too short, etc., it can make you feel uncomfortable and stressed out. So try to avoid that as much as possible.

This long graphic shirt feels so soft and smooth on my skin, so it gives me that extra boost of confidence.

ootd edgy look - 5 ways to look more confident (2)

5. Break the fashion rules

I recently wrote a post about some of the ways you can break fashion rules. Well, that’s something that will definitely help you get creative with your outfits. Who said that sneakers can’t be worn with dresses or skirts? Especially in this monochromatic outfit, I think it looks great.

ootd edgy look - 5 ways to look more confident (6)

Wearing: Wallis Long Oversized Shirt | New Yorker Top & Mini Skirt | Adidas White Sneakers | Talk Talk Accessories Sunglasses

ootd edgy look - 5 ways to look more confident (3)

So, what do you think about my outfit? And what are your tips to look more confident? 


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