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Getting Ready For “The Woman”: Updates & What To Wear at a Conference

Hi lovelies! You probably remember the last post I wrote about The Woman, the Female Leadership Conference I will get to attend as an official blogger this Thursday (on March 10th).

The full list of speakers is now available, as well as the agenda for the day. I am honestly very excited to go, I can’t wait to meet these ladies. They truly are inspiring, ambitious and powerful, and I know that we will have a lot to learn from them. After all, they managed to build a strong career, made a difference in business and worked very hard to make their dreams come true. And these real examples of success always have the greatest impact, more than any studies or motivational literature.

Besides the speakers I already mentioned in the last post, on the list we also have Paula Herlo (Senior Correspondent & Producer of the TV Show „România, te iubesc!”), Oana Delia Radu (Retail Grup Director in Cluj at Raiffeisen Bank), Daniela Budurea (Country Director Western Union for Romania&Bulgary – the beautiful lady from the picture above), Oana Țoiu (Founder of Social Innovation Solutions) and many others.

The conference will start at 10 AM with several dedicated workshops. The rest of the day will involve the actual presentations, debates and the Award Gala.


I am still not sure what outfit I’m going to choose. But since the weather is quite friendly these days, I will probably go for a simple office dress, high-heels and a blazer. I’ll also need a bag that’s big enough to hold my camera, and a scarf to keep me warm & stylish. The purpose is to express my fashion style, but to look professional at the same time.

If you’re still wondering what to wear at this type of events, I have a few ideas. As we are celebrating spring and the feminine spirit, I’d say you can’t go wrong with pastels, floral prints, trench coats, flared pants, white dresses or silk blouses. If you’re feeling brave, spice up the classy look and add some leather pants, ankle-boots or a bomber jacket.

As for make-up, a fresh, natural look works the best. Since the event lasts all day, maybe you should consider using only long-lasting products, and taking a few essentials in your bag for any minor touch-ups.

Keeping a light face & eye make-up gives you the freedom to experiment with stronger lip colors. If you have a very resistant lip stain, there’s no need to worry about eating or drinking. If not, you can always go and refresh it during the coffee break.

Don’t forget to wear a nice perfume and to take your business cards with you. Also, make sure your shoes are not only pretty, but comfortable as well. If your feet hurt after 2 hours of wearing them, maybe they are not the best choice for an all-day conference.

That’s it for now. As I promised, I’ll keep you posted live from the event on Facebook and Snapchat, so make sure you follow me on both accounts (add me as “bloggerissa”).

See you there! 💋


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