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Guest post: Your Ultimate Guide To Spring 2016 Fashion Season

Hello ladies! I don’t know if you remember Amy, she was the first to guest-post on this blog, with a few tips to dress better in 2016. We decided to collaborate again, so this is her second article, featuring the top trends of spring 2016 fashion season. Enjoy!

This spring, the fashion industry is at its peak! 2016 is bringing a lot of old trends back, so if you are up for a blast to the past, you will surely enjoy some of these old-new looks. On the other hand, this season is focusing on that sexy and sleek style, which is bound to attract a few looks. So what style are you going to embrace this spring? If you still are not sure, better check out the hottest trends for the upcoming spring of 2016:

1. Slip on

The underwear as outerwear trend, which originated somewhere in the late 20th century, is making a great comeback this spring! The slip on dress is simply designed to draw attention, so if you are up for showing some skin, this trend is definitely for you. Made from light and soft fabrics like see-through chiffon, silk or satin, these dresses represent a perfect sexy and chic outfit for warmer seasons. Enriched with lacy details and similar sleek elements, the slip on dress truly is a garment made for women who wish to show the bold side of their personality.


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2. The 90s

Who would have thought that the alternative 90s trends were going to rock the catwalk once again? Well great news for all of those who long for that grunge, minimalistic fashion of the 90s! The casual chic street wear is popularized once again with tracksuits, trainers and hoodies. Oversized jackets and wellies are also taking over and showing that some trends will never die out. So embrace your inner Kate Moss and show the word how the true fashion spirit of the 90s still lives on to this day!

the 90s

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3. The Backpack

Forget your oversized handbags, satchels and clutch purses, this year is all about backpacks! Functional, simple and yet quite modern, the backpack represents the IT bag for the upcoming spring season. Small, leather backpacks are the main focus this year and who could ever say no to handmade leather goods? With a dress, skirt or a simple shirt and jeans, the backpack is a perfect accessory, which can be worn with any outfit that comes to mind. So there is nothing much to think about this spring, as the backpack is enough to top any look you choose.

the backpack

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4. Extra-long earrings

If you are wondering what kind of jewelry is in this season, you are in for a treat. Let’s just say that the trend of oversized earrings is once again popular and its main motto is “make it quirky”. Big, flashy, colorful, strange, these are just some of the characteristics of this trend. So if you are looking to make a bold statement, this is the thing for you.

extra long earrings

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5. Vivid color

It is time to color your world! Bright, flashy and vivid color garments are the best thing this year. Forget boring neutrals and opt for some bright orange, green, purple and red, or better yet,€“ combine it all into one piece! This is the time to experiment with colors and the best thing is that there are absolutely no rules. So get crazy and do not hesitate to challenge yourself:€“ it is all about extravagance.

vivid color

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So how do you like this spring’s fashion season? Opt for your favorite style, embrace the crazy in you, experiment with different trends, but keep one thing in mind:€“ do not make it boring. This year is about imagination, fun and mixing up old and new, there is no place for tedious garments and simple outfits. 2016 is bringing back edgy looks that you simply cannot resist.

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