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Storytelling by Melkior | How My Hands Help Me Achieve My Dreams?

As you probably noticed, I ocassionaly receive products for testing from Melkior Professional, a beauty brand that I really like. Two weeks ago, I got a new package from them, with a nail polish and a base coat, part of their new fall collection (Storytelling) that was launched on September 11th.

The goodies came with an interesting question: What’s My Story? They asked me to share my story on how I use my hands everyday, and how important are they in my daily job, in following my passions and expressing my feelings.

Well, I can definitely say that my hands are essential in doing what I know best: writing, creating content and sharing thoughts in the online world. I work in digital marketing, I am also a beauty blogger and vlogger, so I spend most of my time online, using a keyboard and a mouse.

In the weekends, I take pictures for my blog and my Instagram, make videos for my YouTube channel, and then edit everything on my laptop. So, obviously, I need my hands to help me turn my ideas and vision into reality.

Also, my hands allow me to enhance my beauty, and help me express my love for make-up and beauty products. Well, mostly my right hand, because you already saw what happened when I tried to use my left hand for this purpose 😂

Fun fact: I was always obsessed with beautiful hands, with long strong nails, soft skin, delicate jewlery, with a feminine touch. But here comes the paradox: no matter how much I love beautiful nails, I almost never pay enough attention to them. Often times, I don’t even have the time or the mood to create any sophisticated manicures, so I just stick to one coat of nail polish and call it a day.

That’s why I love using multi-purpose products: nail polishes that dry quickly, base coats that can be used as top coats, and so on.

So I was excited to try the new launch from Melkior, the 9-in-1 Base Coat, which acts as:

  • a protective base coat
  • a smooth base coat
  • whitener
  • hardener
  • growth booster (keratin, arginine, tea tree oil)
  • anti-oxidant (Vitamin E)
  • healthy nail booster (Vitamin C – B5)
  • softening (almond oil)
  • anti-aging (hyaluronic acid)

It has 4,5 ml and a classic packaging. The applicator is small and precise, and I love the fact that it has a great texture, that dries out quickly. It’s too early to give a verdict on how good it is, I’ll have to use it for a while before I can come to a conclusion. But so far, I think it has a great chance to become one of my favorites.

As for the nail polish, I received the shade “Magnetic”. Once you first see it, you know it’s a deep purple, but you cannot imagine how dark it really is. 😲 I was impressed by the opacity and the intensity of the color.

The applicator is also small, so you need a few layers to completely cover up the nail. But it’s enough to apply one coat, because, as I said, it’s very opaque. It dries out quickly as well, and it’s long-lasting. I only used it once so far, and it lasted heroically for 5 days.

Otherwise, the shade is perfect for fall, it’s vampy and it looks gorgeous paired with a dark lipstick. The other shades from the collection are: Pacific Blue (a bright blue), Trust Me (a dark navy), and Purpur (a sparkly purple shade). I’ve seen the swatches, and the bright blue is also beautiful, but I think my shade is the best suited for fall 💜

So, overall, I’m happy I had the chance to try these nail products from Melkior. I’m going to keep testing them and then come back with an update, to see how well they perform after a while. 😊

Have you tried any nail polishes or base coats from Melkior? And what colors are you planning to wear on your nails this fall?

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