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Latest Lipstick Addiction: Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink

Short imagination exercise: think about a color called “Vintage Pink” and let your mind wonder. What are the associations you instantly make? Are there any specific objects, feelings or moments that you recall as deeply related to this color?

Several things cross my mind while thinking about it, and they all seem to have similar connotations: romance, typewriters, indie music, old jewelry, road-trips and pink skies at dawn, cotton candy, roses, pin-up dolls, Paris, Lana del Rey and blooming peonies. Am I a hopeless romantic? Sometimes I think I am, other times I run as far I can from this label.

rimmel london moisture renew lipstick - vintage pink (5)

But some simple word associations can make me smile, even when I am shopping for make-up in a random store. And it might have also happened to you, without noticing.

Maybe the name of a certain lipstick brought back memories or intense feelings, and so you got it for this reason alone. Or maybe it happened the other way around: the name of that item reminded you of the favorite band of your ex, or a tough time from your past, and you stepped away from that product, even though you actually wanted to buy it.

For me, Vintage Pink is a trigger to reconsider the beauty of life. Honestly, I haven’t been so well lately, and I’m often feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. So wearing an invisible pair of pink glasses is more than necessary. At least it helps me see the world in a different manner, and remember to appreciate life and make the best of it.

rimmel london moisture renew lipstick - vintage pink (1)

And it’s clear that when it comes to make-up, pink can go a long way. Rosy cheeks, sultry eyes or delicate lips, these pastel shades have the power of enhancing your best features, and also increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Although I usually tend to balance a dark eye make-up with a very light pink lip color, sometimes that’s not enough, and I crave for a stronger shade. And this lipstick has beautiful deep purple reflections, which makes it the perfect choice.

I can barely stop wearing it every single day. Every occasion seems appropriate for this lipstick, every outfit seems to look even better when I am wearing it. So it’s safe to say that this is one of my favorite products ever since I first bought it in November.

rimmel london moisture renew lipstick - vintage pink (4)

When it comes to quality, it seems that Rimmel London doesn’t disappoint, so the Moisture Renew lipstick is long lasting, it dries off nicely, is very hydrating, and easy to apply. You can count on great coverage & pigmentation. Also, it has a shimmery effect at first, but after a while, it settles down to an almost-matte finish.

The only thing I don’t really like is the packaging. The transparent purple plastic cap is not my favorite, looks kind of cheap actually. But oh well, #firstworldproblems, this shouldn’t stop you from buying it (unless you’re a blogger, because I swear it’s hard to make it look pretty on camera, ha ha).

rimmel london moisture renew lipstick - vintage pink (3)

Otherwise, I am very pleased with this lipstick, I have it in my bag all the time, and I think it’s a great catch (since it’s very budget-friendly – and it’s often on sale).

You should definitely try one of their available shades. I’ll stick to my Vintage Pink for now, but who knows, I may try some of the other colors in the future 🙂

rimmel london moisture renew lipstick - vintage pink (2)

What do you think about this lipstick? Have you tried any color from the Moisture Renew collection? 






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6 Comment

  1. This is such a pretty colour! Not one I’d usually go for as I use quite alot of pinks and reds and never stray much from them but it looks so pretty I might just give it a go. And you’re so pretty!

    Ella x

    1. Thank you so much, Ella! I’m glad you like it. I used to avoid pink and purple lipsticks a while ago, but now I can’t seem to get enough of them 🙂
      It’s great to experiment with different colors <3 Kisses

  2. Mi s-a pus pata de ceva vreme pe aceste nuante , oriunde merg si pe orice ruj pun mana sigur e o nuanta asemanatoare cu aceasta ! Imi place cum te prinde aceasta culoare !

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