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London Vibes – Summer OOTD

Hello ladies, how are you doing? I had a pretty great morning, it was sunny and joyful and everything. And now it seems it’s gonna rain, so buh-bye other plans I had for today, ha ha. Anyways, today I wanted to show you some pictures I took last week, when I finally got to wear some of my new summer clothes.

You’ve already seen some bits of this outfit in my latest post, so now I wanted to show you the complete look. This outfit is perfect for the lazy summer days, for a walk in the park, a coffee at the mall, basically anywhere. I felt super comfortable, but also chic, and that’s definitely my favorite way to dress.

I got both the shoes and the t-shirt from London, for some really good prices. The t-shirt is from New Look and I absolutely loved the print, so I had to buy it. I’ve been wearing it like crazy lately.

The shoes are from Primark, which is heaven for every fashion lover on a budget. They have so many lovely clothes, at a pretty good quality, so I’m really sad we don’t have something similar in Romania.

Also, the white shorts are from a local outlet and they are the must-have item of the summer. They look good with anything, you can wear them in so many different combinations and styles. You can take the look to another level if you just add some high heel sandals and a silky shirt.

As you probably noticed, lately I’ve been adding up a lot of basics in my wardrobe, in clean neutral colors, such as white, black, navy, beige and grey. I think it’s so much easier to always look well, if you have enough versatile items to choose from.

That saves me so much time in the morning, when I feel like I don’t have anything to wear. It’s not exactly a capsule wardrobe, but it’s a lot less cluttered and easier to handle.

london vibes - summer outfit bloggerissa (3)

london vibes - summer outfit bloggerissa (5)

Wearing: New Look T-Shirt | Vero Moda White Shorts | Atmosphere Shoes | Stradivarius Bag

london vibes - summer outfit bloggerissa (1)

london vibes - summer outfit bloggerissa (7)

london vibes - summer outfit bloggerissa (4)

london vibes - summer outfit bloggerissa (6)

P.S. Of course I’m a coffee-holic, so I had to enjoy my coffee right there, at the photoshooting. Sorry not sorry 🙂 Aaand I hope you like the ombre hair, I think it looks a lot better than last year.

Do you have your summer outfits ready? What’s your favorite clothing item at the moment?


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    1. Thanks, lovely! I’ve got a crush on the bag too, ever since I first saw it in the store. I was not sure about the color though, but I’m super glad now that I picked this one. It looks great with almost any outfit 🙂 Kisses

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