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Make-up Products I Love To Hate

We all have our own love-hate relationships. With food, men, clothes… and sometimes, with make-up products. It’s obvious that not every product you buy is amazing. Some of them might not be a good match for your skin, maybe you hate the color, the smell or the resistance.

So today I decided to show you some of the make-up products I love to hate. They don’t fit in the category “awful disappointments”, but I must admit I hate certain aspects of them.

I still use them occasionally, because they also have some features I love, but I probably wouldn’t recommend any of these to you. There are so many options on the market, you’d better go for something better.

So, let’s get started. I have 4 runners-up for this post and all of them are drugstore.

make-up products i love to hate (5)

Catrice Multi Matt Blush

Love: It’s a very affordable product, it’s mattifying, gives a light fresh rosiness to the cheeks. Also, I really like the fact that it has four different shades you can mix and match.

Hate: It’s not pigmented at all. You really need to grab a lot of product on the brush to get some color. I have the 010 Love Rosie one, which is the lightest, so maybe that’s the reason.

make-up products i love to hate (1)

Astor Perfect Stay Foundation 24h

Love: It has a very good coverage; it’s buildable; the color is perfect for my skin; it has a primer incorporated; you don’t need much product for a perfect coverage. Plus, it’s super long lasting.

Hate: I already shared my weird story with this product in a recent post, and things didn’t change much since then. I keep using it now, but only in the evenings or for events, because it feels way too heavy for a daily basis. It doesn’t oxidate, but I noticed it looks slightly cakey in artificial light. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy it again.

make-up products i love to hate (4)

Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Mascara 100% Black (Go Rio Collection)

Love: I was already a big fan of the regular Colossal mascara (in yellow packaging), so I was really happy to discover it in a new formula, as part of the colorful Go Rio collection. It has the same type of mascara wand, perfect to achieve long and glamorous lashes. Also, it’s super black and intense.

Hate: My biggest issue with this mascara is that I can’t use it alone. I always get dirty when I try to apply it at the roots, and that’s because it has a way-too-liquid formula. So now I coat my lashes first with another product (the Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara), to give them volume and texture. And to get long and curled lashes, I come back with a generous coat of the Colossal Volum Express. I love this combination, it gives that false lashes effect.

So I will continue to use it like this, it’s fine for me. But I would sincerely recommend you the original formula, which is perfect for daily use.

make-up products i love to hate (3)

Miss Sporty Ohh! Tan So Fine Bronzing Powder

Love: This contains two different powders, a light golden (to highlight) and a shimmery copper-brown (to bronze and contour). The bronzer side is quite nice, it has a subtle glow and adds warmth to the face.

Hate: However, I can only apply it with a big fluffy brush, to avoid any harsh lines. If you try to contour your face with this bronzer, it doesn’t work so well. It’s slightly too orange and hard to blend, so I prefer other products for contouring. Also, I don’t like the texture at all, it’s too powdery and it doesn’t last much either.

As for the light golden powder, it’s absolutely useless. The color doesn’t show off at all, it’s really hard to pick it with a brush. So it’s almost untouched, as you can see in the picture below.

This time, the price really reflects the quality. So I really advise you to pick another product, because you’ll just get angry if you buy this one 🙂

make-up products i love to hate (2)

YOUR TURN: What products do you love to hate? How do you decide if you keep using a product or just throw it away?


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