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Melkior Professional Make-up – First Impressions & Swatches

Hello guys! So I recently received these make-up products from Melkior Professional as an early birthday gift (for testing). This means I (finally!!) got the chance to see what the hype is all about. A lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers love Melkior products and use them a lot, so I was really curious to see how good they are.

I received 4 products: a mascara, a mono eyeshadow, a lipstick and an eyeliner khol. Plus a super cute mirror with the message Live Your Dream.

I used them several times so far, so I decided to share my first impressions about these products, in case you are planning to purchase them in the future. I included some swatches as well, and you can also check out my colorful festival make-up tutorial using these products.


Melkior Mono Pearl Eyeshadow

My personal favorite is the blue mono eyeshadow (even if I haven’t worn this color in years), and I love the way it looks. I had my concerns at first, because I’m way past that time when I used to wear it all across the mobile lid. However, blue eyeshadow can look great if you use it on the lower lashline or as an eyeliner, to contour the eyes. You don’t need to pack a lot of product, just a bit, to create a colorful creative look.

The color I got is called Ciel, it’s one of the new colors available in their collection, and it really looks like a clear blue sky. The eyeshadow is very pigmented, creamy and easy to blend. The packaging is cool, since you also get a small mirror under the eyeshadow pan. It has small shimmery particles, but they are very subtle.

If you want to use it all across the lid, you can pick it up with your finger, for a more precise application. But if you want to use it on the lower lashline, like I did, you should use a precise angled brush. For achieving the perfect blue cat-eye look, you will need to wet the brush first and then contour the upper-lashline.

Melkior Professional Cosmetics Make-up First Impressions - Mono Eyeshadow Ciel

Melkior Classic Lipstick

The Classic Lipstick in the shade Coquette is also pretty awesome. It’s creamy, pigmented and matte. It also lasts a lot during the day, even if you eat or drink (at least 5-6 hours, pretty much the same as the True Color lipsticks from Farmasi). The color is bright and vivid, perfect for the summer.

To get the best effects, use a lip balm first and make sure your lips are properly hydrated. Also, if you want it to last the full day, you can contour the lips first with a pencil.

I must admit I love the packaging of this lipstick, it’s classy and it looks high-end, even if it’s quite affordable (40 RON).

Melkior Professional Cosmetics Make-up First Impressions - Classic Lipstick Coquette

Melkior Eyeliner Khol Kajal 24h

The Eyeliner Khol Kajal 24H is in the shade Dark Black, and you can use it to contour the eyes. I don’t recommend it for creating a cat-eye, because it has a thick tip and it’s not so precise, but it does an amazing job if you use it for a dark smokey eye or just to give more dimension to your eye make-up. You can also use it on the waterline, for a sultry and sexy clubbing make-up look.

Melkior Professional Cosmetics Make-up First Impressions - Eyeliner Khol Black

Melkior Extra Volume Black Mascara

The Extra Volume Black Mascara has a big wand, quite similar to the one from Maybelline The Colossal. It’s a dark intense black, it helps give volume and length to the lashes. I didn’t get any flaking, clumps or spider lashes, so that’s great. Also, even though it’s not waterproof, it has a good resistance. I wore this mascara at Electric Castle, where it rained a lot, and it still lasted the whole night without a problem.

It’s quite challenging to use on the lower lashes, so you can pick another product for that purpose. Otherwise, if you get too much product on the wand, you can simply clean it up a bit with a dry cotton cloth or napkin first.

Melkior Professional Cosmetics Make-up First Impressions - Extra Volume Mascara Black


All the products are very pigmented and quite resistant. The eyeliner was the hardest to erase from the hand, which means it lasts an eternity and you need a really good make-up remover to take it off 😂

Melkior Professional Cosmetics Make-up First Impressions - Swatches

You can order Melkior Professional products from their official website or from the physical stores.

Did you try any of these products? What are your favorite make-up products from Melkior Professional?


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