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Real Techniques Brushes: Cheek and Lip Set (Limited Edition) Review

If you want to achieve beautiful flawless make-up looks, the tools you are using are extremely important. It’s not always about the products, or about your skin type, sometimes tools matter the most.

So that’s why I’m really excited to give you a review for the latest brushes I purchased, from the famous brand Real Techniques.

If you are into beauty tutorials and YouTube, you definitely heard about Pixiwoo and their brush line. They produce amazing brushes, all made of synthetic bristles and 100% cruelty-free, in bold colors and gorgeous packaging.

I’ve been dying to try some of their products for a long time, but only at the beginning of May I actually got the chance to buy something from this brand. I was in London, at Superdrug, and I spotted a beautiful limited edition brush set at discount, for 14 pounds. So obviously, I had to get it.

I know that Real Techniques are quite affordable in the UK and other countries, but in Romania you can only find them online, and they are not exactly cheap. But the truth is that I like them so much, I’m sure I’ll soon want to buy others as well. #firstworldproblems

real techniques brushes - limited edition cheek and lip set (1)

The brushes

Anyways, so let’s get to the actual set. This is the Cheek and Lip set and it contains three different brushes:

  • The Cheek Brush is wide and it’s the perfect tool for applying gel, cream or powder blush. I have used it only with powder so far, and I love the way it feels on the skin. It has the perfect shape for giving a beautiful glow and rosiness to the cheeks.
  • The Duo-Fiber Contour Brush has longer bristles and it’s perfect for contouring and highlighting. It helps sculpt the face and create dimension to your look.
  • The Retractable Lip Brush is the expert tool for properly contouring the lip shape and applying the color evenly across the lip surface.

real techniques brushes - limited edition cheek and lip set (3)


My favorite is the cheek brush. I’ve been using it with a natural powder blush in the last month, and it did a great job. And recently I added a new blush in my collection, a more pigmented and bold one, and it works even better, it creates an amazing soft and sultry look. Apparently you can also use it with foundation, so I’ll need to try that as well.

The contouring brush is very precise, so you need to be a little careful when picking up the product, especially if it’s really pigmented. But since it’s a duo-fiber brush, the great thing is that you can pick up the product, place it on the skin, and then gently blend everything, for a natural effect. I like it, although I’m used to a different kind of brush for contouring (bigger and angled).

I haven’t used the lip brush very often since I got it, only a couple of times. But I noticed it does a great job in contouring the lips. I mostly use it for liquid lipstick, to avoid getting messy and to give a greater definition to the look. However, I don’t really bother using it for the usual creamy lipsticks.

The awesome part is that it’s retractable, so you can easily take it with you everywhere, for touch-ups.

real techniques brushes - limited edition cheek and lip set (2)

Cleaning & packaging

I’m using the Ebelin Make-up Brush Cleaner for daily cleaning, and a couple of times a month I wash them properly with warm water and shampoo. I’m just testing the brush cleaner now, so I’ll post a review about it soon as well. So far, I like it a lot (and it smells fantastic) 🙂

What can I say, the brushes look sooo gorgeous! I love the bold pink handles, they are super easy to use and look very sophisticated, but also playful at the same time. Also, they came in a nice packaging that you can re-use for travels.

real techniques brushes - limited edition cheek and lip set (4)

The set is no longer available on their website, I imagine it sold out pretty quickly, but you have the option to buy individual brushes or other sets.

In Romania, you can buy Real Techniques brushes from and, not sure if they are available anywhere else (if they are, let me know!).

So here below you can also find a mini-tutorial made by Nic, showing us how to use them and sharing some tips & tricks.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. They are a bit more expensive than the ELF ones, for example, but they have a really good quality. I’ve added some other brushes on my wishlist too, such as the Expert Brush and their Starter Set for eye make-up 💕

What do you think about the Real Techniques brushes? Which one is your favorite? Or what other awesome brushes do you recommend?


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