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Recent Life Updates – Protests, Broken Phone & A New Beginning

Hello lovelies! Before you ask, I’m not dead 😀 I just had to take a break from blogging in the last few weeks.

I’m not usually the one to complain, and I want to keep this blog as positive and fun an possible. But we all know that life isn’t always pink.

So my phone crashed a while ago, and I haven’t been able to fix it yet. I know, #firstworldproblems, but I actually use my phone for a lot of things (gosh, I miss Instagram ❤️️), and I’m sure you do too. So it’s pretty annoying to live without it. Let’s hope I’ll manage to get a new one next week.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The real mess that happened in the last few weeks was a massive protest in my country, against our corrupt government. If you live here, then you definitely know everything about it. If not, you might have heard something on the news or it might have popped up in your feed. Because these were the biggest manifestations after the revolution in ’89 – more than 600.000 people on the streets.

Anyways, I won’t get into details, but I wanted to explain myself. I felt the need to join the people in the street and defend democracy. So everything else became secondary, including the blog. I placed my whole attention and energy into this. And it didn’t feel right to talk about lipsticks or shoes at the moment. I hope you can understand this.

And don’t get me wrong, the manifestations are not over, there are still many things to solve and people aren’t happy with the compromises that the government has done so far. But at least now I feel more at peace with myself, knowing that I did my job as a citizen. And I’m going to keep doing it as long as it’s necessary 🙂

And there was one more massive change that happened in my life recently, but this is a good one.

I started a new job at the beginning of February. After 3 years working in a corporate environment, now I switched to a marketing agency, as a content specialist. This is a very exciting challenge, because I’ll be involved in many awesome projects, so I’m happy about it. But as you can imagine, it has been a pretty stresful time, with all the paper work, and the transition – the hello’s and the goodbye’s.

I didn’t have much time to play around with make-up, or to write any blog posts. But now I’m slowly getting back on track, so on Monday I plan to post a romantic Valentine’s Day make-up look.

And yeah, since we’re on a beauty blog, I also wanted to mention two of the products I used and abused in the last few weeks: a face cream and a lip balm from Himalaya Herbals. I got these at the BBM event, and they’ve been very helpful in all those cold nights of protests.

The face cream is very moisturizing and hydrating, it’s perfect for winter, and it works for any skin type. At first I was afraid it’s gonna be too creamy and oily for me, but it’s not. I’ll definitely repurchase it in the future. The lip balm is not as impressive, but it does a decent job. So I always had it in my pocket and re-applied it a few times a day.

And yeah, that’s about it for today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll talk again on Monday ❤️️ !


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4 Comment

  1. Nici eu nu prea am avut chef the maţocării in ultima perioada, desi unii au zis ca prea am exagerat. Cum adica sa nu postez?!?
    Nu prea le-am inteles atitudinea, dar ulterior am aflat ca se aflau printre oamenii care au stat acasa la caldurica, ca a doua zi se duceau la munca. Mai sunt si de-astia care asteapta mura in gura . . . :))
    Lasa ca o sa treaca si o sa fie mai bine, nu ne lasam noi asa usor. On another note, mi-ai facut pofta de portocale. Ma duc sa pap 😉
    P.S: am folosit balsamul de buze si e okay-ish. N-am observat sa fi reparat ceva, dar barem nu s-a inrautatit aspectul buzelor.

    1. Hello Eva! Daa, clar nu ne lasam pana nu se rezolva situatia 😀 #rezist
      Legat de balsamul de buze, e bunicel, nu zic ca nu. Dar am buzele super uscate in perioada asta si parca nu ma ajuta prea tare. Noroc ca seara vin si aplic ulei de cocos si le hidratez intens. Kisses & pofta mare!

  2. I feel you, sistah! Nici eu n-am avut chef de postat in ultimele doua saptamani pe blog, si am ramas in urma cu diverse colaborari. Din fericire, am explicat situatia si nimeni nu s-a suparat. Chiar imi era peste mana sa ma apuc sa scriu despre creme si rujuri (cum ai zis si tu) cand la noi in tara erau proteste masive.

    N-am putut sa nu observ acea fotografie din parcul Guell, Barcelona! Ai fost acolo? Cum ti s-a parut? Eu m-am indragostit iremediabil de Barcelona, m-as intoarce oricand acolo!

    1. Hello Gianina! Ma bucur ca suntem de aceeasi parere! Din pacate nu am ajuns inca in Barcelona, dar imi doresc foarte mult, si de aia am poza respectiva pe vision board-ul meu ♥♥♥ Sper sa ajung cat de curand acolo. Te pup 😀

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