Back to Black: Maxi Dress & High-Heel Sandals

It’s a beautiful summer evening, and we’re heading to the Central Park. The streets are filled with people, ready to go and enjoy a drink or a walk with their friends. There’s something in the air, a certain feeling of joy and freedom. And everybody is wearing casual outfits, sneakers and jeans, with a laid-back […]

all black ootd with a twist

All Black Outfit with a Twist

EN: Hello lovelies! I’m more than happy to let you know that I did some awesome shootings last week, so pretty soon I will able to post some new outfit ideas for this cold season. For today, I thought it would be great to show you a different way of wearing the little black dress, more appropriate […]

Little Black Dress Outfit

The Little Black Dress, perfect for any occasion

EN: Hello pretty ladies, how are you? I’m going through so much changes lately, I finally finished college for good (done with my Master’s Degree as well), I’m recovering after four amazing days at Electric Castle Festival (and seriously thinking about going to at least one day at Untold Festival, because why not :D), I’m […]