What’s in My Bag? 2017 Edition

Hello lovelies! This week I’m back with a new video 😍 Every woman has a lot of crazy stuff in her bag, so I thought I should update my old blog post and show you what’s currently in my bag. The bag I’ve been wearing in the past few months is from Stradivarius. I like […]

May & June Favorites – Beauty Products

Hello lovelies! I just posted a new YouTube video, where I talk about the beauty products I’ve been using a lot in May & June. You can find below the full list of products mentioned in the video. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Syoss Oleo Riche Nourishing Oil-Conditioner for dry hair Garnier Ultra Doux Argan Oil […]

My Pink Beauty Essentials

Pink is such a happy color, don’t you think? I used to hate it back when I was in high-school, but recently I have started to slowly integrate it in my daily life. Starting with my vibrant fuchsia phone case, all the way down to my wardrobe and beauty bag, I noticed I have many pink stuff […]

Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi lovelies! So as promised, I’m back with my Christmas gift ideas, and I promise I have plenty of choices for you. I decided to split them into categories, and for each one to give you some ideas that might work for HER, for HIM or for BOTH. I’m sure you will find something nice for you parents, boyfriend, bestie […]

Summer Make-up Look: Beauty Essentials

EN: I’ve been thinking lately about this topic: what make-up can you wear on a hot day? You don’t want to apply too many products, because you don’t want it to melt on your face before getting to work, right? So, I decided to prepare a daily summer make-up look, I hope you guys will find […]