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The Battle of Drugstore Beauty Blenders: Ebelin vs. Real Techniques vs. KillyS

Hi lovelies! I’m back with a new post, and today we’re talking about a make-up tool that’s very popular at this moment: the BEAUTY BLENDER! You know, that awesome tool you can use to apply your foundation with, to get a flawless look and a great coverage.

The only problem is that the original beauty blender, available in Sephora, is pretty expensive (79 lei). And since it’s a actually a sponge that you need to change every 2-3 months, it may not be an affordable item for everyone.

But many other brands have started launching their own versions of the beauty blender, that are much cheaper, but still get the job done. I’ve tried many drugstore beauty blenders in the past, and today I thought it would be nice to share my impressions about 3 of them – the ones I used the most.

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I’m starting with the best one from the list, and also the most recent. I bought it 1-2 months ago, and so far I’m super excited about it.

  • it has the perfect shape – the flat side allows you to cover up the whole face quick and easy, and to layer as much product as you want; the pointy side is perfect for blending the concealer under the eyes
  • it doubles its size when wet
  • it can help you achieve a good coverage, but also a natural finish at the same time
  • it’s easy to clean with shampoo or soap
  • it’s affordable (I paid 28 lei and I ordered it from Aoro); you can also find it on many other online stores
  • it works best when it’s wet, but also when it’s just slightly damp (when I spray just a bit of thermal water on it)

2. Ebelin Make-up Egg

I tried both the pink and the green one. I have no idea if they are supposed to be any different from each other, but I noticed the pink one was a lot softer and easier to use than the green one (which was kinda’ harsh and didn’t double its size when wet). The green one had a thick texture, and it absorbed too much product, so I was quite dissapointed by it.

  • you can find it in DM Drogerie-Markt, in 3 different colors (green, pink or purple)
  • it has the classic shape of a beauty blender, round with a pointed tip
  • it absorbs a lot of product
  • it’s not so easy to clean, it gets easily stained with foundation
  • it’s cheap (18 lei)

3. KillyS Magic 3D Sponge

I received this beauty blender from KillyS Romania a while ago, when I had a collab with them. They sent me the sponge and a few other brushes to play around.

Sadly I can’t use it anymore, because I forgot to let it dry the last time I washed it, and it got moldy spots in it 🙁 So I had to throw it away. But I’m pretty sure I’ll repurchase it in the future, because it did a very good job 🙂

  • it has a great texture, it feels soft and gentle
  • it makes the foundation glide easier on the skin
  • doesn’t absorb too much product
  • has a slightly different shape: it’s slimmer in the middle, to help you get to all the areas on your face
  • it’s easy to clean
  • the sponge costs 27 lei, and if you buy it in a package with another tiny sponge, it’s 36 lei
  • you can find it in many hypermarkets (Auchan, Cora, Carrefour), but also on Emag

So, which one is my favorite? I think the best one is the Real Techniques sponge, so I highly recommend it. The only problem is that you can only order it online, as far as I know it’s not available in physical stores in Romania.

But also the one from KillyS is an excellent alternative if you want a good beauty sponge, because it’s easy to use and it gives a very nice finish to your make-up.

With Ebelin is a hit or miss, I’m not sure why some of them are better than others, but oh well. I don’t think I’ll repurchase them, as long as I have other better alternatives.

P.S. I recently received a new beauty sponge from Cupio, but I didn’t get the chance to test it yet. I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram, to let you know whether it’s good or not 😀

So, that was it. Now it’s your turn: what’s your favorite beauty blender / sponge? Have you tried the original one, or any of the ones I mentioned in this post? 


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12 Comment

  1. Folosesc de la Primark unul, cumparat cu 2 euro, si sunt mai mult decat incantata de el. L-am descoperit in august in Bruxelles si cand am fost iar in decembrie mi-am mai luat 4, sa fie! :)))

    1. Hello Roxana! Wow, ce fain 😍 Am văzut că sunt multe produse de make-up în Primark, eu doar un creion de buze mi-am luat, dar data viitoare când mai ajung pe acolo am să mă uit și după bureței 🤗

  2. Eu nu am incercat beauty blenderul original dar sunt foarte multumita de cel de la Ebelin. Chiar imi doresc ca pe viitor sa il incerc si pe cel original ca sa pot face o comparatie pe propria piele 😂 Dragut articol, este de mare ajutor. ☺️👍🏼

    1. Hello Gabriela! Mă bucur mult că ți-a fost de folos articolul. Nici eu nu am încercat încă cel original, mi se pare totuși destul de scump. Dar la un moment dat cred că am să cedez, numai așa de curiozitate 😀 Până atunci, e super că există alternative accesibile și care fac o treabă bună. Kisses

  3. RT este fantastic si Ebelin cel MOV este la fel de bun, cel roz si cel verde nu mi au placut nici mie, nu se storc bine de apa si au o textura usor… dubioasa. Cel mov insa, e super! Eu mi am cumparat vreo 10, ii am in kit-ul profesional, ca la cati murdaresc… chiar imi fac treaba cu ei… plus ca, fiind accesibl ca si pret.. aia e, daca s-a patat de nu se mai poate.. e usor de inlocuit 🙂

    1. Hey Raluca! E clară treaba, trebuie să îi dau o șansă și celui mov de la Ebelin. Da da, la preț e super avantajos, e cel mai accesibil dintre cele 3 menționate în articol. Mulțumesc de comentariu, te pup 😍

  4. Doar cel original şi cel de la Oriflame le-am folosit până acum, chiar mă gândeam la alternative aşa că postarea ta s-a nimerit la fix! Mersi de recomandări, cred că cel de la RT îl voi încerca.

    1. Hello Ioana! Cu mare drag, mă bucur că te-a ajutat postarea mea. Cel de la Real Techniques chiar e super fain, sper să îți placă 🙂 Te pup, seară faină!

  5. Eu sunt fana celui de la Ebelin si RT. Ebelin am recumparat de 3 ori pana acum…dar cel mov e cel mai misto. Am avut si verde dar nu mi a placut asa mult.
    Cel de la Ebelin …de fapt, orice buretel se pateaza si ramane patat daca pui produs direct pe el sau daca fondul de ten este unul mai greoi sau mai rezistent.

    1. Hello Lory! Uite ca nu am incercat cel mov de la Ebelin, poate am sa ii dau o sansa la un moment dat. Cel verde m-a dezamagit tare 🙁 Daa, asa-i, si pe cel de la RT am reusit sa il patez putin, dar mi se pare ca totusi se curata mai usor decat restul 😀 Te pup, seara faina :*

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