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The Only 5 Make-up Items You Need To Own

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide what make-up products are worth buying or not. Brands launch new collections every other day, with new colors and textures to pick from. Just think about the brow products: you have to choose between brow pencils, pomades, powders, waxes, gels, and the list goes on.

Of course, if you are a make-up addict or professional, it makes sense to buy and try many various products and to build a large collection.

But if you’re just getting started, you might feel overwhelmed by the endless amount of options available. Or maybe you just want to declutter your make-up stash and keep only a few essentials.

So that’s why we’re going to list down the only 5 make-up items that you really need to own.

the only 5 make-up items you need to own

1. Mascara

A pair of long and dark lashes can completely transform your appearance. Just a thin coat of mascara is enough to give dimension to the eyes and make you look more awake.

Pick one that: has a classic wand, to make sure you can use it on both lower and upper lashes. It should also give you enough volume and length.


2. Concealer

If you have a clear healthy skin, you can skip the foundation part. But you should still keep a good concealer in your make-up bag. This will help cover up any imperfections, pimples and redness, to even up the skin color. Also, it’s the best way to hide dark under-eye circles, to get a fresh and flawless look.

Pick one that: has a high coverage, doesn’t crease, and it’s a good match to your skin color.


3. Blush

Many women still underestimate the power of a flattering blush. But adding a bit of color to your cheeks can make a huge difference in the way you look.

Liquid and creamy blushes are quite popular at the moment. But instead, I would rather recommend a powder blush, because it’s a lot easier to work with.

Pick one that: has a nice warm color (pinks and corals work the best), it’s pigmented and easy to blend.


4. Bronzing powder

If you plan to invest in a high quality versatile product, the best choice is a matte bronzing powder. You can use it for contouring and sculpting your face, to enhance your best features.

You can also define your brows with it or even use it in the crease, as a transition shade. This looks great in any season, for any skin types or colors, so it will be one of the key products in your collection.

Pick one that: is matte, pigmented and resistant.


5. Nude lipstick

You should aim for a natural color, to give you the “my lips, but better” effect. This should instantly make you feel better and more confident in your own skin. Also, it must complement the rest of the make-up and be the one you always keep in your bag, for touch-ups.

Pick one that: is long-lasting, has a creamy texture, applies easily and has a good coverage.

nude lipsticks

Keeping a minimal amount of products in your make-up bag is not an easy task, but it can be a great choice. Having just a couple of make-up items that you really love and use often can help you save money and discover the best ways to enhance your natural beauty.

What are your top make-up essentials? 


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    1. Thanks a lot, Rachel! Glad you enjoyed the post. Definitely, I’m also guilty of buying more than I need, so I think it always helps to remember what is really necessary vs. what’s just nice to have. Kisses

  1. Total agree with mascara being at the top of the list! Makes eyes pop and helps you look fresh and awake. Super important product!
    Piper Ellice @
    Starting Out Southern Blog

    1. Hello Piper ❤️ Yep, mascara is a must. Even if I don’t wear much make-up at work, I always remember to apply a coat of mascara. It just makes a huge difference in the way I look. Thanks for stopping by! Kisses

    1. Thanks Emily! Glad you liked it. The nude lipstick is definitely a must-have, it works with everything and it helps you look fresh and polished all the time. Kisses

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