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OOTD: Stripes & Pastels | Tips for Outlet Shopping & My Favorite Outlets in Cluj

Hi lovelies! I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far ❤️ I’m back with a new #ootd post, because it’s been a while since I did the last one.

I had a mini-holiday last week, with 4 free days in a row, and I sure as hell enjoyed them! It was a much needed break, which meant enough time to catch up on things, do some pics for the blog, change my blog theme (I really hope you like it!), and all of that. And, of course, spend some quality time with my boyfriend and my puppy.

Aannd, I also finally got some free time to go outlet-shopping. As you might know, I’m a big fan of outlets and thrift shops, and I love discovering cool clothes in these type of stores. They have great prices, and if you’re lucky you can find many hidden treasures, that you normally wouldn’t find in the regular shopping malls.

Soo, I did a little tour of some of my favorite outlets in Cluj, bought a couple of goodies, and thought… why not share them with you? Here are my top tips for shopping in outlets + a bonus list of my fave’ outlets & second hand stores in Cluj.

Wearing: New Yorker shoes | Stradivarius Bag | George T-shirt (from Second Tex) | MAC Jeans (from La Majole)

1. Be prepared

Eat well before you leave the house, grab a bottle of water and make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes, that are easy to take off. I usually don’t even wear make-up when shopping in outlets, to avoid leaving any foundation marks on the clothes (because with all that dressing & undressing, things can easily get messy).

2. Be patient

Sometimes you can tour all the outlets in the city and still not find anything worth buying. Other times, you’ll feel sorry for not bringing enough money with you, because you’d like to buy everything that’s in there :))

The thing to remember is that, if you’re patient enough to search through all the piles of clothes, you can definitely find some beautiful items. Some are brand new, or designer-made, or just super unique and fashionable. And even though I usually get all my basics from usual stores, I had the surprise to find some amazing basic items in outlets as well.

Just check out the top & the pants I’m wearing in this photoshoot. I got them for a super affordable price (19 RON the top, and 30 RON the pants). They are very comfortable, look brand-new, and they are super easy to mix and match in any outfit. I’m impressed!

3. Try everything on

I’m not kidding. You should try everything on, before buying anything. Maybe the item looks like your size, and it seems quite lovely at the first sight, but what if it doesn’t actually fit you? Even if the prices are a bargain, it doesn’t mean you should’t be smart about your purchases.

Also, don’t let yourself be fooled by the sizes. Sometimes a pair of jeans in your size might not fit you, while a pair with 2 sizes higher could. Or the other way around. So rather than sticking to your size only, try different sizes as well, cause’ maybe they’ll be just the perfect match.

4. Will you really take it to the tailor to fix it?

Many people buy clothes that have stains on it, with a broken zipper, or way too big for their size, with the thought that they’re gonna get it fixed afterwards. Well, I can only talk for myself, but I ain’t got the time or the patience to fix them myself or take them to the tailor!

I prefer to buy clothes that are already in a really good condition, wash them and then wear them already 😄 You know? So if you’re like me, just buy the good clothes, and put back on the hanger anything that has major flaws.

Unless you really love and need that item, in most cases it will just end up at the bottom of your closet, with no chance of ever being worn.

Soo, as promised, these are a few of the outlets & second hand stores where I always find awesome clothes. All of them are in Cluj 🙂

1. Second Tex

Location: Pta. Unirii nr. 26

Brands: Asos, Atmosphere, River Island, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, New Look

Look out for: bags, tops & t-shirts, dresses

Good to know: they bring new products daily

2. La Majole

Location: next to Sora; Eroilor 18

Brands: H&M, Zara

Look out for: shirts, tops, pants, accessories

Good to know: they have many no-name brands, but with high-quality fabrics & cuts (mostly made in Germany)

3. Helofita

Location: Avram Iancu, Pta. M. Viteazu

Brands: Zara, H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius, Atmosphere, Only, Vero Moda

Look out for: dresses, tops, jeans, skirts

Good to know: decent prices, friendly sellers

4. Tabita

Location: Pta. Unirii, Pta. Mihai Viteazu, Memorandumului

Brands: Zara, Asos, Tom Tailor, Pull&Bear, C&A, Guess, Mango

Look out for: jackets, pants, shirts, dresses

Good to know: pretty expensive for an outlet, but you can find plenty of brand-new clothes with the label on it


Sooo, that’s it! I hope you found these tips useful. Let me know, do you buy clothes from outlets? And if you’re from Cluj, what are your fave’ outlets? 


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    1. Hello! Daa, așa-i că sunt multe haine faine? Nu am mai trecut de mult pe acolo, dar plănuiesc să ies la o nouă tură de shopping prin SH-uri cât de curând. O zi faină! 😇

      1. Daca nu imi ziceai ca e sh nu as fi stiut, asa bine arata hainele 🙂 in bucuresti nu exista asa ceva. Mi-am cumparat foarte multe haine, chiar si incaltaminte. Super multumit.

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