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Valentine’s Day Beauty Survival Kit for Ladies

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I know you are still wondering what to wear, how to do your make-up and oh well, what to do… should you watch a movie, go for a fancy dinner, or something a bit more spontaneous? Honestly, I still don’t have the answer to these questions, but I did set up my Valentine’s Day beauty survival kit.

This includes some items that I already use on a daily basis, and I will rely on them to make me look good and feel confident for V-Day. Nothing too special, just a couple of beauty products and pretty pink stuff that you probably already own.

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White teeth and fresh breath

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a good oral hygiene. I recently did a teeth whitening treatment (I will share more details with you very soon about that), and I do my best to maintain the white color by using an awesome toothpaste: Pearl Drops Instant White. It actually works very well, and you can easily find it in any DM store.

Also, I always have a pack of gums or mints in my bag, to keep a fresh breath all the time. Especially for Valentine’s, when kissing is the main dish of the day 🙂

Cute rosy cheeks

The top make-up product for Valentine’s Day is definitely a pink blush. Contour your cheeks in sweet rosy shades, for a natural and fresh look. You can also use it as an eyeshadow, and then add a pair of long voluminous lashes, for a sultry eye look.

The two blushes I currently use are: Miss Sporty “Ohh! Blushed Again” (009 Peachy Doll) and Catrice Multi Matt (010 Love, Rosie).

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Soft lips

Back to the kissing part 🙂 I would personally forget all about lip stains and matte liquid lipsticks for Valentine’s Day, and keep it simple this time. Hydrate your lips with a good lip butter or a creamy lip balm, and then give them a light tint of glittery pink, to make them shine.

I plan to use the Raspberry Rose lip butter from Nivea as a base, and then add The Hot Shop lip crayon in shade #1. But a soft hydrating nude lipstick can work just as well.

Flawless skin

Back to the natural part. Have you noticed how men love the “no makeup” make-up look more than we do? And how many compliments you get from them every time you do it? I know, we usually don’t care too much about their opinion and go crazy with smokey eyes and contouring, but why wouldn’t we try to please them at least once a year? I promise, your better half will love it!

So pick a good CC Cream to even up your skin tone, to cover up any imperfections, little monsters or redness from your face. A light layer should be enough, to achieve a natural and fresh look. I really love the Gerovital CC Cream, it has medium-coverage and a pretty good resistance.

Also, if needed, add some concealer as well and illuminate the under-eye area, for some extra vitality.

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Fresh scents

Don’t forget to apply some perfume, and pick the one that represents you, that special bottle from your shelf that makes you feel beautiful and invincible. Also, take a long shower and indulge in body products of delicious rich flavors, such as lavender, vanilla, chocolate or fruits.

But try to also light up some pretty candles (like the ones I bought from a random local shop), and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Everything looks more romantic with a couple of lighted candles, right?

valentine's day beauty survival kit (1)

So, you’ve got the beauty part covered. All you still need is great music, heels and sexy lingerie.

And if you don’t have a boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Go out with your friends, make a movie marathon, pamper yourself for a couple of hours, or invite your sister for dinner.

Make the best of each moment, no matter where you are or who you are with. Celebrate love in all of her shapes and have fun!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? And how does your beauty survival kit look like?






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  1. Even though VD has already been and is long gone by now, I still think this is a wonderful idea, and all wonderful products to use on any pampering day! I love it! Absolutely!

    Ella x

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