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Weekly reads #1

weekly reads #1

RO: Bună, dragele mele! De astăzi începem o nouă rubrică pe blog. Așadar, în fiecare luni dimineață, vă arăt cele mai interesante articole pe care le-am citit săptămâna trecută 🙂 Toate sunt în engleză, deci nu cred că are sens să traduc descrierile lor.

Sper să vă placă și vă rog să împărtășiți în căsuța de comentarii care a fost articolul vostru preferat de săptămâna trecută! Pupici de la Cluj 😀

EN: Hello darlings, how are you today? We’re starting a new post series on this blog, I really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

I am a huge reading fanatic, and I love reading books, but most of all, I read a lot of articles every day. I enjoy learning new stuff, reading interesting reviews or opinions, and I’ve come across many great articles the past few months, so I thought it would be nice to share them with you on a weekly basis.

These will be posted every Monday morning, so stay tuned! I am including here the articles that I really enjoyed reading in the past week, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they were all written in this timeframe. Some of them might be a bit older (let’s say, a few months older, but only recently discovered). However, they are still relevant in this moment.

Even though I’d like to say I’ll only post beauty and fashion related articles, some of them might feature different topics, like the meaning of life, robots or artificial intelligence. Perhaps I’m not the only crazy girl that enjoys sleepless nights thinking about these things, right? (if I am, well, it means you’ll never click those links, and that’s fine, no judgment here).

So, no more talking. Let’s see my picks for this first Weekly Reads edition 🙂

1When you don’t feel good enough (CocoChic Blog) – I’ve been following Stef for a while, she has a very interesting blog and I enjoy her blogging tips, as well as her great sense of humor. However, this article is a bit more personal and talks about the fascination for the “better life” that others seem to be living on Instagram or other social networks, which can make us depressive and unsatisfied with our own lives.

Worth reading because: it’s a wake-up call for us social media addicts; you get some great tips for getting over these feelings.

2What makes you you? (WaitbutWhy) – This is one of the best articles from their website. The guy behind this project, Tim Urban, can really talk about anything without boring you (which is strange, since basically all articles are very long, so it takes some time reading them). While I loved the posts about Tesla, Elon Musk and AI, I think this one I’m sharing with you now is really worth reading by everybody 🙂 It’s a great analysis of what are the things that really makes us who we are as people: is it the brain, is it our body, is it our experiences (continuity)?

Worth reading because: you get to read about a very interesting topic; learn new things about yourself; enjoy some cool illustrations.

3Why Should Fashion Bloggers Disclose Freebies, When Magazine Editors Rarely Do? (Glamonitor) – An interesting chat about the integrity of bloggers, on why we should disclose our collaborations with brands, while we don’t get to see much honesty from the glossy magazines.

Worth reading because: you get to learn some unwritten rules of this field; it’s a well-documented article, so you get to know the facts and draw the conclusions yourself.

4A comprehensive guide: find the right drugstore foundation for you! (Cluttered Closet) – With so many foundations out there, it’s tough finding that one perfect product for your skin. You need to read a lot of reviews, swatch and test a lot, so it’s not precisely the easiest job. That’s why I think a guide to drugstore foundations is very welcome and very helpful for any girl.

Worth reading because: it groups all the information you need in one place; it includes a lot of different brands, like Rimmel, Astor, Revlon and many other.

5The ultimate truth about contouring (Mascaras Wars) – It seems like everyone is going mad on this contour technique, but many don’t even know how it started or what’s the real purpose of using it. Therefore, an article like this, written by a professional make-up artist, might open your eyes a bit.

Worth reading because: you’ll understand why this trend has gone crazy lately; you’ll get some tips on how to actually do it and in which circumstances works better.

6How much do real bloggers earn? My Survey Results (Thou Shalt not Covet) – If you’re new in the blogging world, you probably wonder how much money do established bloggers actually make. There are a whole lot of myths in this industry, so this survey might just give you some nice answers.

Worth reading because: you get real numbers; and a good starting point if you don’t feel confident in how much money you should ask for a sponsored post. However, pay attention, these are only for UK, where brands allocate nice bugets for bloggers, so the actual numbers for other countries might be a lot less (or more, it depends).

Did you enjoy these articles? Which one’s your favorite? And what would be your top picks from last week? Share them in the comment box below, I’m always happy to discover new interesting posts 🙂


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