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Weekly Reads #10: Managing a Blog and a Job + Fake Social Media


Hi lovelies! You know it’s time: new week ahead, new Weekly Reads 🙂 Today we talk about choosing a proper primer, dealing with a job and a blog in the same time, and also the major topic of last week, the Essena O’Neill “declared war on social media” thing. Enjoy!

1. Here’s What Happened When We Bought Clothes From Those Sketchy Online Sites (Refinery 29)

Worth reading because: You’ve probably heard a lot about websites like Romwe, SheIn and others, famous for selling cheap and trendy clothes. But are they worth the hype, how does the sizing work, and do the real products look the same as in the pictures? This is a nice research article, if you want to know more about this topic.

2. How To Choose a Proper Primer? (Fashion Confession)

Worth reading because: I think we all agree that using a great primer as a base can make the difference between a gorgeous long-lasting make-up look and a regular one. So when I saw this article, I thought it’s a great starting point if you are still in the search of a good quality product.

3. Is Social Media Fake?! (Wings for Liberty)

Worth reading because: Essena O’Neill drove the Internet crazy last week, and I couldn’t help myself from reading a lot about her story (from changing her Instagram captions, to deleting her accounts entirely, and then asking rent money from her followers). And one of the best articles on this topic was written by Patricia, who debates on her blog whether social media is really fake (or only as fake as we are).

4. How To Manage a Job and a Blog (Girl Lost in the City)

Worth reading because: A lot of bloggers face the struggle of juggling with a full-time job and a full-time blogging schedule, and they know it’s no easy task. So if you relate to this #firstworldproblem as well, you sure agree that any tips and tricks are more than welcome.

What was your favorite article from last week?







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    1. My pleasure, I really enjoyed reading it and you do have a point. Social media is indeed what we make of it, and can be the source of both awesome and terrible feelings, it just depends on how we use it 🙂

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