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Weekly Reads #11: Fashion Blogging vs. Journalism


Hello lovely people! I have some awesome articles for you this week. The 11th edition of my Weekly Reads includes: 10 things bloggers don’t tell you, questions that can change your life, fashion blogging vs. journalism, manufacturing outrage through media, and internet bullying. Enjoy!

1. 10 things bloggers don’t tell you (Robowecop)

Worth reading because: It’s a funny list of things that bloggers usually do, but don’t really tell you (like spending half an hour trying to get that perfect Instagram picture, or buying – otherwise useless – blog props).

2. The 7 Questions I Asked That Seriously Changed My Life (Greatist)

Worth reading because: Ok, so these questions won’t necessarily change your life (that’s just a click-bait title), but they are actually pretty important, and we should all remember once in a while the simple fact that if you want something, you should just go ask for it.

3. Fashion Blogging: Is it Really Journalism, or Just a Self-Indulgent Hobby? (Huffington Post)

Worth reading because: It’s an interesting reflection on the fashion blogging industry, how it has transformed the way we consume information, and how can you be a blogger without a blog(!).

4. 5 things the media does to manufacture outrage (Medium)

Worth reading because: Media outlets know how to get huge reach and engagement on their posts, and it’s very simple: they stir emotion in people, getting them sad, angry or excited. This Medium piece is just one example of how it works, turning a simple random tweet into a huge online drama (the “Kat Von D Underage Red lipstick shade” outrage).

5. How the Internet Has Changed Bullying (New Yorker)

Worth reading because: It’s a delicate topic that we all face in the online environment. How can you avoid online bullying? And how did the Internet change the way we perceive ourselves (from victims to bullies)? It’s worth finding out more about this.

What was your favorite article from last week?





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