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Weekly Reads #13: Packing, Winter Clothing and Beauty Tips


Hi lovelies! How are you? I am enjoying the day off, writing and taking photos for some new posts. And I might as well shoot a video for you guys, let’s see how (and if) that comes out.

Anyway, today we have a new round-up of articles, as always, in our Weekly Reads edition #13. Main topics: packing tips, Korean beauty products, cool outfits to keep you warm in the winter, blogging events and beauty tips to abide by. Enjoy!! 🙂

1. Mix + Match Wardrobe / My Perfect Packing Experience (The Small Things)

Worth reading because: We’re all struggling with packing, and since we’re so close to the holiday season, some ideas are always helpful. Let’s see how to get that perfect balance between the clothes we want to bring with us, and the ones we’ll actually get to wear.

2. How to Stay Warm Without Compensating Your Style this Winter (Zanita)

Worth reading because: We tend to get a little lazy with our outfits when it’s super cold outside. So these tips are very useful, so you can still be warm and stylish even in the colder winter months.

3. An Introduction to Korean Beauty Products (Makeup Savvy)

Worth reading because: I must admit I have never tried any Korean beauty products, so this blog post was very interesting for me, and I enjoyed learning about the different kinds of primers, BB Creams and so on. You might like it as well.

4. The Future of Blogging Events (The Prosecco Diaries)

Worth reading because: This lovely London blogger knows a lot about blogging events, and in this post she shares with us some interesting insights from her experience. Also, she has some great tips for the organizers of these kinds of events, to make them a lot more fun and entertaining.

5. Beauty Tips to Abide By (Rockettequeen)

Worth reading because: It’s a great list of things you should do to improve your beauty care routine for hair, make-up, skincare and not only. Some of these beauty rules are indeed really effective, so go check them out.

What was your favorite article from last week?






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