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Weekly Reads #3


Hi everybody! I’m back from my holiday, so it’s time to get back to blogging. I hope you missed my Weekly Reads series, ’cause here’s a brand new post featuring: how to find the perfect concealer, how to get all the latest updates from Fashion Weeks, why we should attend blogging events and a glamorous story about the Net-a-Porter empire rise (and fall). Enjoy!

1. Concealer types, textures and uses explained (The Sunday Girl)

Worth reading because: You will understand a bit more about the different types of concealers on the market and how to choose the right product for your needs.

2. Blogging events: are they worth it? (Style Lingua)

Worth reading because: One big part of a blogger’s life is attending events such as fashion weeks, launches, conferences, festivals and many other. But of course, they are also very time consuming, so this article is a nice talk on whether it’s worth it or not. (spoiler alert: they definitely are worth it)

3. The world is not enough. A company that defined luxury e-commerce is now merging with its mass-market competitor. Net-a-Porter’s bigger (better?) future (NY Mag)

Worth reading because: This is a complex and well-documented article on the birth and expansion of the Net-a-Porter empire. So if you were curious what is the story behind this luxurious online clothing store or how did Natalie Massenet manage to become “fashion’s favorite self-made success story”, you will definitely enjoy it.

4. The best fashion people to follow on Instagram during Fashion Week (Telegraph UK)

Worth reading because: It’s Fashion Week madness! Even if we’re not there, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know exactly what’s going on. So this article compiles a list of cool people you should follow on Instagram for juicy and fresh FW updates 🙂

5. Why we can’t get over ourselves (

Worth reading because:  One of our biggest problems is feeling a lot more important than we actually are. We think that everybody is watching our every move, so we are terribly afraid to try new things, terribly afraid of failure, and we care too much about what people think/say/want. This article sheds some light over this interesting topic and makes us realize why this egocentric perspective is doing us more harm than good.

What was your favorite article from last week?


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