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Weekly Reads #8: Looking Expensive (Why and How) + H&M Balmain Collection


Hi lovelies! So this week, our Weekly Reads are extremely connected and nearly all focus on the same topic: looking expensive. High-end fashion is definitely not for everybody, but there is an entire psychology behind our own perception of it. It seems that dressing expensive (or at least keeping an expensive appearance) can really influence the way other people treat you, can be the only thing standing between yourself and your dream job, can bring you valuable benefits and rewards, so maybe spending a lot of money on clothes is not always a bad choice.

1. Why do poor people waste money on luxury goods (Talking Points Memo)

Worth reading because: This article is amazing, because it reminds us that people are very often marginalized and judged solely on their looks, especially at job interviews or in other social occurrences that can somehow influence their future (buying a house, getting a credit, entering a certain club or community). As the author mentions, “belonging to one group at the right time can mean the difference between unemployment and employment, a good job as opposed to a bad job, housing or a shelter, and so on.” I know it seems superficial, but when you actually face this kind of problems, you realize it could be the only way in.

2. How to look expensive on a budget (Female Jungle)

Worth reading because: Now that we know the “why”, we must dive into the “how”. And this article has 10 great pieces of advice on how to always look polished and fashionable, even if you don’t have the money for high-end clothes. Top keywords to remember: basics, details, size and posture.

3. Why the H&M Balmain collection might be the most beautiful, yet inaccessible designer collaboration to date (Lucinda’s Closet)

Worth reading because: While we’re at it, let’s talk about the most important topic in the fashion world at the moment, the collaboration between the fast-fashion chain H&M and the exclusive designer brand Balmain. Lucinda has a great point in her post, these pieces are definitely not something easy to integrate in daily OOTD’s (although some of them are extremely beautiful), and they are not cheap either. But…

4. The business logic behind Balmain & H&M (Business Of Fashion)

Worth reading because: We get deeper into the subject and gain some insights on why collaborations like this actually occur. The main goal is obviously to increase sales and visibility for both fashion brands, and social media plays a huge role here (for example, the heavy use of the #HMBalmaination Instagram hashtag). And “for a luxury brand like Balmain, the secret to manufacturing desire exists in the tension between being highly visible and highly exclusive at the same time”.

5. 30 Things readers don’t like about fashion bloggers (Mixt Fashion)

Worth reading because: This is a pretty funny article, and if you are a fashion blogger, you are probably guilty of a lot of these points from Laura’s list. And although I’m not posting macaroons and happy lists, I sure did some of these at a certain point. So it’s funny to read, interesting and helpful if you want to step up your blogging game, but take it with a grain of salt. Eventually, all that matters is your passion and being able to express your personality through the content you post. As long as you don’t overuse and abuse that Starbucks cup in all of your photos, you’re fine :))

I hope you enjoyed this post. What was your favorite article from last week? (And what are your thoughts about this whole “looking expensive” topic?)







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