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Why Do Women Buy So Much Make-up?

As a beauty blogger and make-up fanatic, one of my favorite activities is testing and swatching different products. I look at them, imagine how and when would I use them, how awesome they would make me feel. Also, how good they would look in my flatlays (guilty as charged).

I try to be as balanced as possible when it comes to spending money, but it doesn’t always work out. Although I know I don’t have much storage space and I don’t wear make-up daily, I still feel the need to buy new products as often as I can. It kinda makes sense, because I get to show you guys many awesome products and give you my opinion about them. But it’s not just that.

I always fight with a massive desire to buy everything that catches my eye. Do I need it? Probably not. Do I want it so bad that I would rather not eat a month than leaving it there? Sometimes I do. Even if I have another 5 similar products waiting for me at home.

And I’m definitely not the only one. Some people make a living from it – like YouTube beauty gurus, bloggers or make-up artists. But there are also many passionate beauty lovers that are buying new make-up on a regular basis. Some of them actually own at least 2-3 drawers (!) full of make-up products (#goals).

And yet, both men and women who don’t wear make-up can’t seem to figure out what determines us to spend all our paycheck on lipsticks and eyebrow pomades.

Of course, they might understand our need to wear make-up, but they don’t know why would we ever need more than one mascara? Or why would we have 13 different lipsticks in our purse? Isn’t just one enough? And after it’s finished, buy a new one? Hell NO.

So I wanted to start a discussion here on the blog. I though about 6 reasons that might explain this whole make-up obsession, and I’m gonna list them down below. But I want your opinions too, so do not hesitate to leave them in the comment box.

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1. We want to have a great variety of colors and textures to pick from

We always want to try new looks, new ways to enhance our features and expand our creativity. We use our face as a canvas, to create art. So we need many different products in different colors, textures, etc. We shift from matte to dewy, from shimmer to glitter, from liquid to creamy. It’s nice to have many options to choose from.

2. While other people collect stamps, butterflies or lighters, we collect lipsticks and brushes.

I mean, the definition of a collection is “a group of interesting or beautiful objects brought together to show or study them or as a hobby“. It’s something that’s build in time, one piece at a time, and that has an important meaning for its owner. I think this applies to make-up lovers as well, except we actually get to use them as well (yay for us!).

3. We want to keep up with the latest product releases

We are curious and excited about new product launches. Some of them might have big improvements compared to what we already have, some of them might have gorgeous colors we want to test. Also, new make-up techniques come up everyday (e.g. strobing, baking) and it’s fun to try them out as well.

But that’s not the only reason. For high-end products, it can be also a matter of class, status and aspiration. Some make-up products can reach a “golden status”, so we think that by having them, we’ll be better perceived. It’s superficial, I know, but this is a common thing with other product categories as well (clothes, cars, gadgets, etc.).

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4. We love the packaging

I admit, the packaging of a make-up product can be the main reason for buying it sometimes. A lot of products are not so special, but they make huge sales just because they look amazing. It’s not always a rational decision, but those cute palettes and brushes are the best photo props for Instagram.

There are a couple of brands that do an extraordinary job in making us crave for their products. The Balm, Benefit, Lime Crime – we want them for how they look, not only for the actual product benefits.

I don’t care what colors does the Nude Tude palette have. But I would die to put my hands on it just because it’s soooo beautiful!!

5. We fall into the whole marketing scheme

If a big blogger has it, we need it too. If it’s made by Kylie Jenner, we want it. If it says it’s the best sold product of the brand, we need to have it. Think about the huge number of videos called “YouTube made me buy it”. We love to follow beauty gurus and discover new products, and we trust their opinions (even when knowing some of them are sponsored).

Of course, this doesn’t mean we actually buy it after all, but it does have a great chance of convincing us that it’s a MUST HAVE.

6. We use make-up frequently

I know women who re-do their make-up twice a day, who wear make-up at the gym, at the pool, everywhere. So it makes sense that some of us finish products quite fast, so we need to buy new ones often.

What about you? What reasons do you have for regularly buying new make-up (or not)? Should we be more wise about it or just embrace our guilty pleasure? 🙂 Let me know what you think.


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  1. Eu lucrez la Coty, implicit primesc produse cadou lunar in valoare de 150 lei, sii oare ce pot sa cumpar decat machiaje? bine au si parfumuri dar am si alea o gramada. Cele care imi plac si imi trebuie le tin dar restu incerc sa le vand, mai ales ca is noi noute, cateodata le pot vinde cateodata nu, si uite asa se umple masuta mea de toaleta cu tot felul de lucruri…numai am scaapare! :))

    1. Hello Diana. Ha ha, ce tare! La tine se intelege, daca lucrezi in domeniu si primesti produse cadou 🙂 E misto ca ai ocazia sa incerci produse noi mereu, de la diverse brand-uri. Suna ca un job de vis pentru mine 😀 Mersi frumos de comentariu, te mai astept pe blog! Kisses

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