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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Dress Better in 2016

So this is the first guest post ever on Bloggerissa 🙂 And I’m happy to have Amy as a guest writer today for you guys, with some great ideas on how to dress better in 2016.

Enjoy! (and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below)

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Although the year has just started, make sure you prepare your wardrobe on time and meet 2016 ready. Avoid the pitfalls and embrace only the acceptable latest trends with the help of the following pieces of advice and ideas for a successful fashion year of 2016.

1. Have fun

We all get into our own fashion habits because it is easier to stick to looks that we know that fit us. But getting out of our fashion comfort zone can be much fun. This does not mean mindlessly falling for any new unverified fashion trend that emerges on the runways or streets. It simply means not being afraid to experiment with something different, wild, and unexpected from time to time. Think glitter, animal prints, and appliques, and think wearing them all at the same time.

You do not necessarily need to buy all these stuff straight away. Go to the nearest shop, try them on and take a photo of yourself. It will be fun to go through these photos later. Who knows, maybe you will like what you see and decide to go back to the store. Or you might decide that you look ridiculous, but that should not stop you from testing new ideas some other time.

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2. Less is more

Simplicity is often your best friend when it comes to building your wardrobe. Mind though, simple does not mean boring, so you need to find the perfect balance. Try less to impress the others, and pay more attention to finding your own fashion expression. Base your outfits on classic pieces, and spice things up with bold prints, vivid colors, slightly redesigned cuts, or unusual combinations.

Pencil skirt does not have to be black. There are more color combinations besides black and white that will make you look sophisticated. If you are a huge fan of accessories, make sure you do not go overboard, but do not give up on them entirely either.

5 ways to dress better in 2016 - less is more

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3. Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Choose the fabrics to match the occasion, the season of the year, and weather conditions. Most importantly, choose the fabrics that are cozy and comfy. Synthetics do not let your skin breath so shy away from synthetic underwear and wear natural materials, such as cotton, wool, silk, or cashmere, close to the skin.

If you are going out into the rain and cold, wool will keep you warm, but a waterproof fabric would be an appropriate choice for the outwear. Footwear should be made of easy-to-maintain materials. Sleek leather is always a better solution than suede, which is stained by every drop of rain, for winter shoes.

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4. Pay more attention to your underwear

Just like we said, your underwear has to be comfortable and made of high-quality materials since it is the layer that is the closest to your skin. It has to be of the right size and shape. Camel toe, muffin top or bra straps that are falling off your shoulders simply look dreadful.

Although some fashion trends demanded showing your underwear intentionally, showing it accidentally is a whole different thing. Pick panties that are not visible, like barely there panties from Leonisa. When buying a bra, do not be ashamed to ask the shop assistant to help you determine your size and cup shape.

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5. Find new ways to accessorize

Give a fresh look to your old accessories staples. Turn a light scarf into a chic head wrap. Team shoes and bag of the same color, but a slightly different shade, like grass green and lime green, or navy and baby blue. Match your jewelry with the gold details on your shoes.

5 ways to dress better in 2016 - accessorize

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Do you think you are ready for 2016?

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Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.


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